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No7 Beauty Advent Calendar

So there I was!… Standing in the queue at Boots buying lunch for work, casually looking around as you do and there it was… carefully displayed on a Christmas stand staring at me. The ‘No7…And the city 2016 beauty calendar’.

In all its gold glory I just couldn’t resist. The packaging itself its gorgeous and the fact its one of my favourite brands! I just had to have it!!


Just take a moment please! How gorgeous is this!! eek!!


And this is what the inside looks like … As you can see its exactly like a chocolate advent calendar but instead of chocolate its beauty products, every day, for 24 days! Seriously what more could you ask for. I know there is a load of makeup brands that are doing these this year but as I said I adore No7 products so I just had to get my hands on this. At a price of just £38 I think that’s an amazing deal seeing as everything inside is worth £151.95.

I’m pretty sure they will still do these in store if not maybe online…So my plan is blog everyday from the 1st of December and show you guys what I get inside, I’m also going to do swatches and things like that so you guys can see the colours and pigmentation of whatever it is inside… It does say it contains makeup and skin care products which I am all for!! Seriously cannot wait ahh!! Roll on December 1st!!

If any of you guys have got any cool advent calendars this year then leave a comment down below and let me know what you lovelies are opening this year! Cant wait to see =)

Amy ♥


8 thoughts on “No7 Beauty Advent Calendar

      1. Yeah it’s pretty big which is surprising. It says on the back what’s in it I had a cheeky look when I brought it haha 😁 the lipsticks and everything are full size there is some creams in there which are smaller I think but even so! Can’t wait. Roll on 1st December haha! Do you have an advent calendar this year? ☺️


      2. I normally get a chocolate one haha! I’m a big child, but think I will definitely get a beauty Calendar this year, far more exciting than chocolate 🍫 lol xx


      3. Yeah sure have two why not! Love your blog by the way💜 if you have time check out mine☺️ thanks for the post too, I’ll defo be getting one this year!! Xx


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