L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask

Hey guys so today I wanted to talk about something that I have really been loving over the past month and a half. The L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask.

I picked up two of these. One in Detox Mask which ‘detoxifies and clarifies’ it contains 3 pure clays and charcoal and the other one in the Glow Mask which ‘Brightens and exfoliates’ it contains 3 pure clays and red algae. At just £5 each they are definitely worth buying!

So this is what they look like in the packaging…


I use either one of these either once or twice a week and let me tell you they definitely work! My skin always feels so much cleaner and looks brighter after using them which is always a good thing right! My skin has never felt so refreshed after using one of these and once I have taken it off  I dab my face dry with a towel and apply my No7 Night Cream and wahlah!

I use a makeup brush to apply the mask to my face just to make sure it goes on evenly.

With the Glow Mask it has exfoliating beads to get off any dead skin that is chilling on your face Cringe! but the struggle is real guys! The only thing I don’t really like about this one is the smell. It reminds me of a stagnant river! But it really does the job and really does make your skin look and feel amazing afterwards! So I would definitely recommend this ladies!

Then we have the Detox Mask and this is freaking amazing! Charcoal basically works as a magnet pulling all the dirt and bacteria out of your pores leaving your skin looking even better than it did before I wish! Whenever I use this I can see the blackheads on my nose lifting which is disgusting I know but its great to see something working and unlike the Glow Mask this one smells incredible which is an added bonus and makes me love this even more!

I will without doubt be purchasing both of these again as they are great value for money and they actually work! So if your lovely people have tried these or any other face masks which you would recommend then please let me know and I might just go and try them out and do a review =)

Hope you enjoyed the review guys and I shall speak to you all soon ♥


One thought on “L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask

  1. I love the clay mask it makes your skin feel really soft
    But the red one has stuff in it as it exfoliate your skin.
    I would use this again 100%


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