New Look’s New Beauty Range…

Hey lovelies!

So I recently popped into New Look and was trying to find some jumpers for work and was having a little butchers around when I came across some stands I hadn’t seen in there before.  They have only gone and updated their beauty range and let me tell you…its pretty damn amazing!

They literally have everything in there from shampoo to body scrubs, face masks, foundation makeup brushes which are stupidly incredible…they even have the oval brush sets for just £14.99. Literally everything you could want they now have in New Look.

So I decided to pick up a few things and tell you guys my honest thoughts!


So starting from the left we have Buff Lip Scrub £3.99.

It literally smells like caramel which is like heaven! It feels and looks like it has brown sugar in it to give that exfoliating part and its not the best lip scrub I have used but at £3.99 I don’t think you can really complain. It still made my lips feel smooth and look softer which is always a plus.

Next is the Get Set 60 Second Nail Spray £2.99.

Now I was a little bit sceptical about this as being a high street clothes shop product I didn’t think It would work but I was wrong again! I don’t know about you but I hate waiting for my nails its like watching paint dry! See what I did there … haha NO Amy!! This stuff is so damn good! It does exactly what It says on the bottle and it smells so nice so I definitely think I will repurchase this products.

And theeennnn … Refresh & Prep Spray £4.99.

So I have never used anything like this before so I didn’t quite know what to expect or what I was looking out for and to be honest I still don’t. It says on the bottle ‘Skin energising spray’ ‘Spritz on to prep and plump bare skin or recharge your makeup’ So I applied this on my bare face and it did smell really good which was nice and was just a cool feeling when going on to the skin so I’m guessing the purchase on this is to just freshen up the face? Please tell me if I’m wrong haha! …I will keep using as there isn’t anything wrong with the product and just see if I start noticing the purpose more!

Starting with the two top nail polishes we have Champagne supernova and Show business. The bottom two are Khaki and Mermaid. Such cute names! £2.99 each.

So not only are the nail polish bottles a really cool and simple shape but they are super pigmented! I literally put one coat on and I was pretty much good to go but I did go ahead and apply another coat just because…because =) They have such a wide variety of colours to choose from including matte nail varnish and Gel which are all in at the moment so you definitely wouldn’t have a problem finding a colour your after other than the fact there is so many damn colours which are pretty amazing!

Champagne supernova (left) Mermaid (right)

Overall I am super happy with my purchase I think New Looks new beauty range is going to be a big hit. I will definitely be trying out some new things from them and ill be sure to do a review and let you guys know! Great value for money but yeah! Super happy!

Thanks for reading beauts, speak soon ♥

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