A letter to myself as a child.

Dear younger self,

I really do wish you could read this letter and take the advice I will give you, after all, I am you. Remember that being a child wont last forever so enjoy every moment of it and stop wishing to grow up so fast believe me, its not all its cracked out to be.


I know your painfully shy and think everyone is judging you but there really aren’t and please stop thinking your fat and ugly, you are a beautiful young lady, stop comparing yourself to other people and girls you see on TV, most of them have been edited and photo shopped so just remember that. Everybody is different, just because you don’t look like somebody else does not mean your not beautiful, because you are.

I know school life for you isn’t great at the moment being in secondary school but your never going to see these people again after your done with school so don’t let them get to you! People are mean and cruel, they bullied you and none of your close friends will end up sticking up for you, you will soon realise who your true friends are, they are not! But don’t worry! Once you start work you will make loads of friends who will be there for you always. Now your going to end up leaving your first school and going to another secondary school because you were getting bullied for 4 years but unfortunately the same thing happens at your other school. Please be strong and stand up for yourself, this will not last forever I promise you.

You leave school at 15 and you get home schooled for a little bit but its just not for you so you decide to wait until you can go college, now I know its going to be frustrating for you as you cant get into any courses you want to do because you left school before you done you GCSE’s but stick it out. It will be worth it in the end and you can go on to better things. Your going to do amazing.

You have your heart broken a few times and I know it feels like you will never find ‘love’ again, you will and it will be the real thing.


I know your not going to want to hear this and it breaks my heart to tell you but when your 18, daddy goes to heaven. I know his your best friend and you love him with all your heart but daddy wasn’t well, I know he looked fine but it was inside his body and they had to operate, nothing could save him. I’m so sorry. This pulls you and mum and your sister closer together and you become a close family, I know you never used to get on with them but you do now, and its amazing. Losing dad makes you strive to be a better person to make him proud. You get yourself a job, your learn to drive and pass 2nd time which is awesome! and you meet the man of your dreams. His name is Kyle.


You’ve now been with Kyle for nearly 6 years and your engaged, see? I told you things will get better. His an amazing guy who will do anything for you and things that happened with past boyfriends show you that not all men are the same. Daddy never got a chance to meet him in person but I’m sure he is looking down and is so happy to see that he is looking after you and treating his little girl with respect and loves her with all his heart.

You also gain another family, Kyles family. They are pretty damn amazing too. Crazy but amazing. They love you for who you are don’t judge you, you will find it weird at first as growing up you thought that’s all people ever did but not these guys. They treat you as one of there own and you get on so well with them all its so nice to be a part of something like this.

Everything in your life at the moment is pretty awesome and your going to be so greatful for everything, even the bad times because its made you the person you are today. Be strong little one and don’t feel so sad. It wont last forever. I promise. Learn to love yourself and be proud of who you are and who you have become and remember, you are beautiful ♥


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