Mac Lip Palette and Lipstick review.

Hi beauts,

I really wanted to talk about a makeup brand that most people seem to love. Although it is a bit on the pricey side I think its nice to treat yourself now and then or more on some luxurious makeup. It really does feel like a treat when you apply it too.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with drugstore products as most of my makeup bag consists of this but every now and then I do like to buy something a little bit fancy just so I can get the best of both worlds and see the differences between them.

Now for Christmas last year my fiancé brought me some makeup from mac and I love them!

First of all is the Red lipstick palette £35. For the price I think this is definitely worth it. You get six beautiful shades of red lipstick and they literally last forever, although I mainly use this palette for special occasions and some of them I haven’t tried out yet but I’m pretty sure I will love them as much as the others in the palette.

They are very true to their colour which is always good when you want to buy a lipstick. There is nothing worse then buying a shade you swatched in the store and then when it comes to popping it on your lips you end up disappointed because it looks nothing like you thought it would. Well do not fear with Mac lipsticks as what you see is what you get pretty much.

The texture is so creamy and they go on like a dream. I normally apply these with a lip brush to make sure its precise and not smudged all over my face attractive!

There is more of these palettes that come in gorgeous pink shades from light to dark and also brown shades which I am very keen to try.

Now on to the lipsticks. The one on the left is Instigator Matte Lipstick £15.50 and the right Matte Royal Lipstick £15.50. I normally find that most matte lipsticks can be really drying and they can make your lips look like prunes! But can I just say that these Mac Matte lipsticks are nothing like that. They still go on creamy and smooth like the palette does and still makes your lips look and feel moisturised and luscious. Who doesn’t want that right girls?

I am super keen to try more of Macs lipsticks as they have such an amazing range of colours I just want them all. I’m literally like a kid in a candy store when it comes to makeup aha!!

Instigator is a beautiful deep red and Royal is more of a vampy purple. Two colours which you seriously cannot go wrong with and I think they are definitely for statement lips.

I couldn’t do this blog without mentioning a little something else, while this may not be a Mac product I really think it deserves a mention. Don’t you girls just hate it when your off on a night out and your really digging your makeup and your lips are on point!! You have a few drinks and maybe have a bite to eat, go to the bathroom and on your way out you glance in the mirror and half your lipstick has come off and is chillin’ on the glass you left at the table!! Disaster!

This is where Lipcote comes in. It comes in a clear bottle with a nail varnish like brush, you apply this over your lipstick and it stays the whole night. I kid you not!!

I got this life saver in a GlossyBox one month and I will definitely repurchase this as it bloody works wonders. You can find this beauty in Boots for just £3.69. What a bargain! If anyone else has tried this out let me know your thoughts! =)

Overall I think you get this jist that I really like Mac makeup and really want to try more products as I always hear such good reviews about them, any other great lipsticks, you girlies can suggest them down below and I will be sure to check some out!

Also…Tomorrow is the 1st December ahh! how exciting guys!! Official count down to Christmas! Are You excited? … I will be doing a blog everyday till 24th as I will be reviewing my No7 Beauty advent calendar and the goodies that’s inside! I hope you guys join me =)

Thanks for reading lovelies and ill catch ya later ♥



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