Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 2! 

Another exciting day of opening my calendar for a lovely surprise. It’s literally the first thing I do when i jump out of bed haha! Just can’t help myself. 

So when I opened today’s door I was super happy as I’ve used this before but have recently run out! Sad times *violins out* drum rolls please………

No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream. I love this product. It’s quite a thin cream but it works wonders. It’s extremely moisturising and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky. It sinks into your skin leaving it feeling smooth as a baby’s bum and looking really peachy and glowy which is what we all want, am I correct?…

I truly feel like the No7 brand overall needs to be recognised more. It’s really underrated. I know everyone wants a bit of luxury and use the high end products but to be quite honest with you, some drug store products are just as good, if not better. So I would seriously recommend to try some No7 products because you really will be left amazed guys. 


And here is it again with the No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream which is my own. Like I said I ran out of the day Cream so now I can carry on using them together. So happy I think I shed a tear! Not quite but almost! 

The night Cream is more of a thicker constintancy which I do love. So i apply this all over my face once I’ve cleansed it and just enjoy is sinking in and do it’s work. This also smells incredible. Bonus! 

Overall yet again I am super duper happy I can continue with my full face routine yay! And I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s door brings eek! So join me tomorrow lovelies and thanks for reading!  ♥

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