Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 6! 

Seriously how quick is this month going?! Christmas is soon gonna be knocking on our doors! Are you guys excited for Christmas? 

So door number 6 already, and I’m really happy to use this product as I haven’t tried it on my face yet just on the back of my hand and it seemed to make a slight difference so let me show you what I got. 

This is the No7 Airbrush Away primer. I have only ever used one other before and that was the Benefit Porefessional primer which can I say is amazing and smells really good aswell. I love how it makes your skin look so I’m really excited to try this No7 primer to see what it’s like and if it actually does anything to my face. 

From what I could see on the back of my hand it definitely did something but it wasn’t picking it up properly on camera. Sorry guys. 

I will definitely give you guys an honest review if it makes a difference to my face or not. It claims to do the following:

  • Pores and fine lines appear to disappear.
  • Wrinkles are put into soft focus. 
  • Leaves your skin perfectly smooth and even all day.
  • Perfect base for your foundation. 

So as you can see it claims to do a lot. Probably what every other primer is supposed to so I’ll put this one to the test and I’ll put a little key not in tomorrow’s blog and let you beauties know how it goes. 

Thanks for reading my lovely ones and I’ll speak to you all tomorrow ♥

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