Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 7! 

Hello lovelies. 

I was super excited to open today’s door as I am every other day and i was super happy with what was inside. It’s a gorgeous neautral shimmery eyeshadow which is perfect for the festive season.  

Dont kill me but I didnt take a picture with the eyeshadow on! I tried but it wasn’t  picking up the true colour and when I tried to swatch it, it still wasn’t getting the colour right so I’m gonna try and do one in natural day light so you guys can see how stunning it is. For now I’ll show you a picture. 

This is in the colour wheatsheaf. It a beautiful nude colour which gold shimmer inside. When this baby catches the light it looks amazing. It’s a really soft eyeshadow and goes onto the brush very easily as I find most No7 eye shadows do. That’s always a plus. It doesn’t have fall out either which I love. Nothing worse than putting on your eyeshadow and next thing it’s all over your cheeks. Never a good look ladies. 

I’m really please with today’s pressie that was inside my advent calendar. I will be using this a lot even after the Christmas season. Well done No7 your making me a very happy girl =)

Just a side note. The primer I got in yesterday’s glossy box I just wanted to say I do like but I don’t feel like it does that much. It did make my skin look a bit smoother but not like I’d been photoshopped. Which I guess is good. Nobody wants to look like that do they? Or do they aha. 

I still think I prefer the Benefit Porefessional primer so I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy the No7 primer any time soon! Sorry guys. 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll speak to you tomorrow ♥

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