Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 10! 

Hey guys, 

I was really looking forward to doing today’s blog because what was behind today’s door was totally unexpected. It was a gold card. Now when I saw this my first thought was wtf I got a dodgy calendar haha but then I took the card out and started reading it and was so bloody excited. 

It basically said to take the card into a store where they sell No7 and I can get a blusher of my choice for free! HELLO! How cool is that?! 

So that’s exactly what I did and this is the one I chose. 

I asked the lady at the counter for some help and she was super helpful. She colour matched me with the machine they use and gave me a card which basically tells me all the shades of blusher that will suit me and same with lipstick shades, foundation and bronzer so that is definitely going to come in handy! 

I got my blusher is the shade Apricot Blossom. She asked me if I wanted something glam or something I can use for everyday. So I decided everyday as I don’t go out too much such a fun life I lead. 

The colour isn’t picking up too well on this pic but it’s a gorgeous peachy tone. It looks quite pink when it goes on the brush but once you blend it out it looks stunning. This blusher was £9 but as I had the card I got it for free. 

I thought that was an amazing treat to put in the advent calendar as I got to choose what shade I wanted and the fact it was free is incredible. Nice one No7. 

I know I say this every time but I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow’s door aha. 

If you know of any good blushes leave them down in the comment section below beauts. 

Thanks for reading ♥

11 thoughts on “Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 10! 

      1. There quite hit and miss on make up products to be honest, some products are amazing and some are complete poop! But the good ones are good! I love there bath stuff too! Xx


      2. If your going to buy I would definitely recommend going into store and actually trying the product first.. some of there make up products are amazing, some just aren’t very good! There blushers are the best though! Xx

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