Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 11! 

Helloooooo 🙂

Christmas is getting closer now! Are you excited? I literally cannot wait for Christmas. Of course giving presents and receiving presents is exciting but my favourite part is the food haha I’m such a piggy when it comes to Christmas or just every day in general really but Christmas we get to indulge and not feel guilty haha. Okay I’m going off topic now so let’s crack on!! 

Today’s window I received another makeup brush in the same gorgeous gold colour as the other one I got a few days ago. This time I got a blusher brush which is super handy seeing as I got my new No7 blusher yesterday. 

It’s so freakin soft I can’t handle it haha. I love how this feels on the skin, same as the other brush. The quality is just amazing and I love the colour of it too. Definitely going to make sure I look after these. 

I’m really hoping there’s another brush hiding in their somewhere Muhaha. 

What makeup brushes are you guys loving and what’s your holy grail brushes if you have one. Let me know in the comments down below beauties. 

Thanks for reading. Catch you all tomorrow ♥

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