Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 12!

Merry Christmas everyone!! 

Only joking haha although it will be Christmas soooooooon! Yay! So in today door I got something that I already have but I don’t use. Not for any particular reason I just completely forgot I had it until I got it again today ha. 

So it’s this No7 Protect and Perfect intense eye cream. I have this in full size already and got it in a mini tube today. It says to use it day and night for your under eye and it’s supposed to fill in lines. It’s skin colour so it’s not clear and it’s a medium consistency. 

I used the eye cream this morning when I got it and also this evening after I had my bath. I can’t really say I noticed anything major apart from my dark circles became fainter a tiny bit. Im not sure if your supposed to notice a difference after you have used it for a while so maybe I’ll keep using it and let you know if anything changes. 

It also says to used it the day or night Cream depending what time of day it is obviously haha before hand and then put the eye cream on afterwards. 

So I don’t really have a proper review for you guys sorry about that. I will definitely keep using it though because I’m curious to see if there will be any change. So stick around if you guys would like to know too =) 

Speak tomorrow my angels ♥

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