Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 13!

Helloooooo, it’s me again! 

Sooo today I had to open door number 3, if you read my blog on day 3 you would know what happened. If your new to my blogs I’ll update you. On the 3rd I basically saw a 3 and opened it, not realising it was actually door number 13 instead haha. So I had to leave number 3 till the 13th so I didn’t open 2 doors in the same day although I was extremely tempted mergh! 

So I opened today’s door and it wasn’t anything too exciting but something much needed. 

So as you can see it’s the No7 Protect and Perfect day hand cream. I do already have this from a previous Christmas set I got last year told you I’m obsessed people. I don’t really use it. I do have a hand cream at work which I use and it’s the Soap and glory hand food. I love the smell of this one and I just keep this at work but I don’t use it that often. 

This time of year especially we need to look after our skin, we use our hands everyday to do tasks and in the cold our hands will get dry and look gross so we need to keep them protected. I’m going to try and remember to use this hand cream, I’ve been using it today and it smells so damn good and leaves your hands feeling so smooth. It’s not great either which is great so u can carry on doing your daily bits after you’ve used this and not have to wait for this to dry. Bonus. 

Sorry today’s blog wasn’t that interesting aha but stay tuned for more beauts ♥

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