Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 14! 

Hey everyone,

I was more than happy with what I got behind today’s door. It was the No7 Lovely Lashes Mascara. I haven’t used this mascara before so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. The packaging is so pretty. It’s a gorgeous shiny lilac, super girly and I love it. 

On the back of the packaging it also claims that it has argon oil which ‘leaves you with beautifully soft and glossy natural volume all day’ so when I read this I thought that sounded amazing and couldn’t wait to try it. I always like to see what the wand looks like before I purchase a mascara so let’s take a look and what this one looks like…

It’s not a very thick or fluffy wand which is what I normally go for with mascara. I was still keen to try it as it’s by No7 I don’t normally have faults with their products, so I wore this mascara all day today and I’ll just show you what it looks like on… 

I don’t have the longest lashes unfortantely and was hoping this would make them look a bit better and help them out a bit ha but that didn’t happen sadly … my lashes kind of stuck together a little bit which I hate mergh. I do own another No7 mascara which I love and it makes my lashes longer and look fuller. 

I use the No7 Midnight Lash for spectacular volume. This really does what it says on the tube which is what you want when your buying something isn’t it?!  I love the style of the wand and the thickness of it, I love how it applies on my lashes and how it makes them look. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of it! I’m useless I know I’m sorry haha. 

Overall I don’t think I will be purchasing the Lovely Lashes mascara I’ll just be sticking with the Midnight Lash which I’ve been repurchasing for over 2 years. Love it much!! 

What mascara are you girlies using, I’m interested to know =) 

Thanks for reading beauties ♥ 

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