Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 16! 

Hello from the other siiiiidddeeeeee 🙂 haha I joke. 

How are you my beautiful people, so thanks for coming to read my blog again, it means a lot that you guys are interested to see and read my waffling haha 🙂 

Behind today’s door I received another one of my favourite things which I did get the other week and was chuffed with but obviously this time it’s a different colour and it’s this …. 

This stunning nail polish from its Limited Edition collection and it’s just in the colour red, I don’t know if you can see but that’s what it says on the lid aha. I’m pretty sure it’s got a more fancy name than red..maybe. 

It’s a deep ox blood red I think that’s the name they call it!! But I think it’s stunning. This to me is a Christmas colour which goes great with this time of year don’t ya think 😬

I just love No7 nail polishes, the colour his amazing and it dries so damn quick which is perfect if your impatient like me! Applying nail polish is not my strongest point so excuse the messy application, I tried!! 

I’m definitely going to try and build up my nail polish collection from No7 as they are just gorgeous! What is your favourite nail polish brand? I’d love to know guys. 

Thank you for reading and speak to you all tomorrow ♥ 

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