Blogmas: No7 advent calendar day 17! 

Hello everyone. 

Just a week to go until Christmas! Have you guys got all your shopping done or are you like me and still have some to get oops!! 

I already kind of guessed what was behind today’s door due to the fact it was on the small side and square… yes I was correct it was another gorgeous eyeshadow!! 

It’s a stunning shimmery brown and it’s in the shade Truffle which suits it perfectly. I know I said this in the other blogmas blog when I got an eyeshadow but they are just amazing, they are super pigmented and they don’t leave any fallout which is great. They also look so pretty with this quilted effect. 

So this is one swatch next to the other. As you can clearly see the colour is just there straight away without you having to continuously apply to get the true colour. You really can’t go wrong with the No7 range of eyeshadows so if you haven’t already, give them a go and let me know what you think!! 

This is stunning for an everyday look or a more fancy smokey eye for a night out or occasion! 

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog beauts, stick around for more blogmas posts and I’ll see you all again tomorrow ♥ 

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