Zoeeva Rose Golden Brush set Vol 3 review. 

Hello everyone, 

Hope your all well guys. Doesn’t it suck getting back to reality after Christmas, I hate it mergh. 

So today I’m going to be blogging about another one of my Christmas presents which I haven’t stopped using since. I am literally in love love love with these. I’ve seen so many people blog about these and I’ve seen there reviews and was so impressed but never wanted to buy something that luxurious for myself haha. I was lucky enough to have these brought for me by my fiancé 🙂 and I can’t wait to show them to you all! … 

Rose gold is so in at the moment and I’m obsessed with it so it’s just even more amazing to me that these are rose gold too. They are so so soft so the brushes don’t drag on your face and are not harsh either, they literally glide the makeup on and I haven’t use a foundation brush that applies it like this one does. Obsessed. 

So from the left to right I’ll list what brushes are in the set: (top picture)

  • 114 luxe facefocus: Apply highlighter and powder. 
  • 109v face paint vegan: Contour and shape liquid and cream products. 
  • 129 luxe fan: Apply highlighter and erase fallout. 
  • 103 defined buffer: Apply and blend foundation. 
  • 234 luxe smokey shader: Apply and blend eyeshadow for a smoky finish. 
  • 228 luxe crease: Blend transitions to a seamless finish. 
  • 142 concealer buffer: Apply and blend concealer and corrector. 
  • 317 wing liner: Apply eyeliner with the perfect flick. 

So there you have 8 stunning brushes, not to mention the pouch it comes in. It’s a chocolate brown with the rose gold zip and writing and it’s beautiful and such good quality which is what you want. I use mine to keep my brushes in but you can also use it for a makeup bag too. 

If you girlies have tried any of the Zoeeva brush sets which ones were they and what did you think of them?… 

It feels really weird from doing blogmas everyday to just posting 2 days a week! Is it enough or would you like me to post another day? Let me know guys 

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in a few days 🙂♥ 

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