Mac lip palette review

Hello beautiful people, 

I really wanted to do this review for you guys today as I’ve really been loving this Mac palette, all of the shades are amazing and so pigmented it’s unreal. I know I already done a Mac lip palette review which was on red shades but I got this one for Christmas and I’m a teeny tiny bit obsessed so I wanted to share it with you all. 

It had 6 shades in the palette, so from the top left to the right I’ll list the shades. 

Twig, Captive, Verve, Amorous, Hang up and Cyber. 

I always make sure I start with a clean and soft base before I apply any type of lip products. Nobody’s wants bumpy lips when applying lipstick, never a good look guys, never. Look after that pout🙂

I apply one of my lip scrubs all over my lips, when I didn’t have this I would use a small toothbrush not the one I brush my teeth with obviously haha or an exfoliating pad. 

Then I will go ahead and apply the No7 lip cream, you can just one of your favourite lip balms as long as it’s moisturising so your lips are soft and smooth and then finally I apply the product with a lip brush to get a precise application. 

I would have to say my favourite shade in this palette would have to be the deep purple which is called Cyber. I love them all! They are truly stunning colours and super creamy so they don’t drag when you apply them or go on patchy. It’s just a smooth glide and walah! Magic Muhaha. 

And here is a close up of the lipsticks I swatched for you guys. The pic truly doesn’t do the colours justice I’m rubbish with the lighting sorry guys haha. 

I definitely am going to get the rest of the palettes at some point so I have all of them. I just can’t get enough ha!! 

If you guys have tried any of these lipsticks which ones are your fav? Let me know in the comment section below guys. 

Thanks for reading beauts and I’ll see you all soon ♥

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