Lemon water detox 


I’m going down a slightly different route with today’s blog, it’s more lifestyle but I’ve been doing my research and wanted to share it all with you guys especially as I’ve been doing this lemon water detox for a few days and it’s pretty damn amazing. 

This could be a long blog so I do apologise in advance guys, enjoy. 

I fill a glass of warm water (room temperature) as this can help flush out the digestive system and rehydrate the body quicker than cold water can and then I get a lemon and cut it in half. 

I squeeze half the lemon into the glass, make sure all of the juice is out and scoop out any pips if they are in the bottom and don’t fancy swallowing them eek. 

Finally I slice a bit of lemon and pop it into the water to make it look pretty haha and drink, I normally wait around 45 mins after I have drank this before I eat or drink anything else. 

I found 10 great benefits from this lemon water detox and they are incredible so I’m going to share them all with you now. 

1. Fresher breath – Lemon is one of the most effective disinfectants so it’s great for getting rid of any bacteria lurking around in our mouths. 

2. Balanced PH levels – Lemons have alkalizing properties. 

3. Improves digestive system – The acid in lemons is very similar to what’s produced by our stomach, this means it allows food to be digested properly and a lot quicker. This is also good for people who suffer with heartburn, bloating and indigestion. 

4. Strengthens immune system – Warm water with lemon juice is great for keeping your immune system strong and alert which helps fight against colds and flu, another bonus of the lemon detox is that it’s allows your body to absorb more iron which is what the body needs. Not too much though. 

5. Promotes skin repair – Lemons have anti ageing properties, most women would love to hear that, the acids in the lemon contains concentrated antioxidants which flush out toxins in the body. Detoxing allows our body’s cell to regenerate which helps our skin glow and look younger. Another great benefit is that lemons contain vitamin C which promotes the production is collagen which is protein for our skins elasticity. 

6. Cleanses and revitalised urinary tract – Lemon water help you to pee more often so you have a cleaner and more functional urinary tract, getting rid of liquid waste at a faster rate also reduces bacteria in the body. 

7. Detoxifies the liver – Drinking lemon water daily helps increase the bile within the body which is necessary for us to digest. It also controls excess bile so it doesn’t damage our digestive tract. 

8. Faster healing and regeneration – As lemons contain vitamin C this helps with stronger bones and teeth also healthier skin and joints. 

9. Curbs appetite – Lemon water helps you feel fuller and satisfied for longer which is great as it stops you from snacking between meals. This also gets rid of toxins in our body and reduces our appetite for solid foods. BONUS! 

10. Health and well being – Lowers cholesterol levels, normalizes blood pressure, reduced blood sugar level, improves blood flow and helps avoid depression and anxiety. 

All of this from drinking a glass of warm lemon water daily, a few of my friends have also been doing this lemon water detox and they love it especially as one of them suffered from bloating and now she’s free from it. 

I’m going to keep this up and update u guys in a few weeks to let you know results. I’m excited to feel changes as many people have claimed for this to be a god send. Plus your body needs a good ol detox once in a while to cleanse you out so there’s no harm in lemon water as it’s pure and doesn’t taste as bitter as you would think. It’s pretty damn tasty haha. 

I really hope you guys find this helpful and id love to know if any of you have tried this, if so please let me know 🙂 

Thanks for reading beauts and I’ll see you all on Tuesday ♥ 

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