Makeup on a budget £20 

Hey girlies,

Today’s blog is makeup on a budget. I gave myself £20 to spend on makeup to try and get a full face, I managed to get everything well almost. I forgot to get a lipstick so I made use of what I had at home oops failed already haha. None the less let’s get started. 

I’ll start with what I applied first. 

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation. I got this in the shade ivory which is a pretty close match, it says satiny finish poreless perfection and it has SPF 13 aswell. Now I found the end result to look quite cakey, it felt a little bit sticky when it was dry so I’m not too sure if I would like to wear this all day, it’s a full coverage foundation which I did like and I loved the colour. This cost me £7.99. 

Natural collection coverup cream. I got this in the shade fair which was a great colour for me again. I got this a few shades lighter as I like my under eye to be lighter. The consistency I found was a bit watery and was very sticky when it dried which sucked. On top of the foundation it definitely looked like I’d piled on the makeup which is never a good look!! This cost me £1.99

Natural Collection duo eyeshadow. I got this duo is the shade mocha/latte. I love how easy the eyeshadow glides on, I was expecting it to be quite hard to apply and a lot of fall out but there was none of that which is great and the colour comes out straight away with one swipe. They come in quite a few different colours aswell which I like the idea of. This cost me £1.99 

Natural collection eye liner. I got this in the colour black, with this I found it didn’t come out straight away like my current one I use, I had to go over it a couple of times to get a true black colour on my water line which I guess can make your eye a bit sore keep having to do that. Once applied it did look nice though. This cost me £1.99 

Natural collection waterguard mascara. I got this in the colour black. Now it says on the packaging that it’s waterproof and smudge resistant, I’m not too sure about that as its a cheapy. I didn’t try it out which I should have shouldn’t I haha sorry guys. I liked the mascara wand, as you know I like the thick bristles not the plastic ones like combs, so the wand I did like. The application however, I had to apply 3-4 coats to get them to look like I actually had a bit of mascara on and to make them look fuller so I don’t think I’d go back and buy this mascara, but for £1.99 you can’t reallyyyyyyyyy complain as it still got the job done! 

Natural collection bronzing powder. I got this in the shade sunshine. It’s a gorgeous colour, I actually really like this and it’s really pigmented which is great! You don’t need a lot of this as I unfortunately found out a bit too late haha!! A little goes a long way trust me. This cost me £1.99. 

Rimmel London lasting finish soft colour blush. I got this in the shade live pink. Again I really love this colour, it’s very pigmented aswell which is great but u need to be careful when applying that you don’t look like a clown. It’s got gold flecks in aswell so that’s super pretty when it catches the light. They had a few different colours aswell which I would like to try! This cost me £3.99. 

I apologise that this isn’t a glamorous picture but here is what the makeup looked like. I personally don’t think it looks that bad considering most of it cost me £1.99 bargain!! 

Now I am aware that it cost a littleeeeee over £20 that is because I thought the price tag for the maybelline satin finish foundation said £6.99 and wasn’t until I brought it all that I realised it was more (I brought other things at the same time) but it wasn’t too much over so I think we can let me all off guys okay haha thank you!! 

So it definitely is possible to buy a full face of makeup of your on a budget and still look pretty decent. I’m sure you could all do a better job aswell haha but I had fun doing this blog and I hope you all enjoyed it too. 

Thanks for reading guys and I’ll see you all on Friday ♥ 

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