Let’s talk fitness…

Hey beautiful humans, 

Today I’m going to be talking about someone a little different, since I have been doing my lemon water detox I’ve been feeling extremely motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. That doesn’t mean I’m going to go to extremes and diet my arse off but just meaning that I’m going to cut down on the unhealthy things I eat and drink. 

So I will either have one of these for breakfast, Kellogg’s ancient legends granola. This contains Spelt, Cranberry, Sultanas and Flax seeds. I have semi skimmed with this aswell. 

If I don’t have that I’ll have the Jordans crunchy oat granola Tropical fruits. This has got to be my favourite out of both of them. This contains oat and honey clusters with dried papaya, coconut chips, dried pineapple chunks and dried banana chips. It literally livens up your mouth first thing in the morning and it tastes delicious. It’s also high in fibre which is great for your body. 

Annnnnnd if I don’t have that then I’ll have these Belvita breakfast biscuits fruit and fibre. There is 4 in a pack which is more than enough. They are so good they fill me up which is what you want. They come in quite a few flavours so u get a nice variety if you fancy a change.

I also do my lemon detox water in the morning so I’ll do that before I eat anything and I’ll wait around 45 mins after drinking it before I eat. 

Now on to the fun stuff. I literally had no motivation and I’m not going to lie it is still hard to get up in the morning when your aching so bad from the workout the day before but you know what they say no pain, no gain! Haha so cliche but it’s true. 

I figured, there’s no point complaining about how much I wish I was toned and fitter in myself if I’m not going to actually do anything about it. That’s the only way my body will ever change, it’s not just about the physical appearance I’d like to change, it’s what’s happening on the inside. I literally eat so much junk food it can’t be doing my body any good and I really want to start having a healthier lifestyle so I thought, you know what, just crack on! You’ll feel a lot better once you keep it going and start seeing results. 


So I’m gonna share with you all my exercises I do… 

I use dumbbell weights, not really heavy but when you don’t want to be a body builder I guess that’s fine. The heaviest I use is a 2.5 and a 1.5 I’m such a weakling so that’s fine for now. Don’t judge me! 

Lower body 

  • Mountain climbers 3 sets of 30 seconds with 30 sec rest in between. 
  • Squats – as many as I can 3 sets with 30 sec rest in between. 
  • Lunges – as many as I can 3 sets with 30 sec rest in between. 
  • Donkey kicks – 30 each leg
  • Ski sits – 1 min each 3 sets 
  • Plank – hold as long as I can 

Upper body

  • Bicep curl – heaviest weight first then I’ll go again with the weight below that. 
  • Shoulder press – arms up by my head and bring up and touch weights. 
  • Press ups. 
  • Sit ups. 
  • Crunches. 
  • Russian twist with weights. 

These are just some of the exercises that I do. I mix them up and add new ones in and always push myself to do more which I think is great. Obviously not killing myself in the process haha. 

So what is your fitness lifestyle like, do you have one? If not let’s do this together and let me know how you get on 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog guys, I enjoyed writing it for you. 

Thanks for reading beauts and I’ll see you all on Friday ♥

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