Youth Potion Face Scrub. 

Hello angels, 

Hope your all doing well?! So today I bring you a blog about a face scrub that I’ve been using for the past two days, although that’s not a very long time I feel it’s enough for me to give an honest review about it. 

I am subscribed to Glossybox which I receive every month and it contains 4-5 products from beauty to hair care and I love it! It’s literally like getting a present every month from me haha. So I did receive this product in this months glossybox and I love it!! 

It’s called Noir Eternae Youth Potion Fave Scrub. It has mineral-rich volcanic paste which cleanses and purifies, it also has anti-ageing ingredients which is more than fine by me! This plumps and smoothes skin as it has exfoliating beads in.  

The mask is a gorgeous baby pink colour and as it gets to work it turns grey when applied to the face amazing. It removes impurities and dead skin cells so your face is always looks gorgeous and glowy. It’s a vegan product and it’s 90% natural, also silicone free. 

If you was interested in purchasing this product you can get it on and it retails at £26 which I don’t think is bad at all. 

It’s left my face glowing and feeling super smooth. I love trying new masks out and this one I would definitely consider purchasing myself! 

What kind of face masks or scrubs have you guys been enjoying lately? Let me know in the comments 🙂 

Thanks for reading guys I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll speak to you all on Tuesday ♥ 

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