The ‘Power’ Of Makeup?!…

Hey beautiful humans, 

Today’s blog is something a little deeper, something that I really want to talk about as I’ve seen quite a few people talk about this on YouTube videos, or have there tutorial say that makeup has power… now everyone is entitled to their own opinions and this just happens to be mine and I really wanted to share this with you all. 

So what defines you as you?  your personality? What you own? The way you dress? The way you talk? Or the makeup you put on your face? … 

I’ve heard so many women say or feel like makeup has power… now that a really strong word and to say that makeup has power on you is just insane to me! 

I believe that makeup has the capability of giving us a confidence boost, makeup is art, it allows us to be creative. Our face is a canvas and we can have fun with it and just be as crazy as we want. It allows us to express ourself. 

Creating different styles to match our moods, confident can be bright bold crazy colours, feeling sexy? Smokey eyes and red lips… playing around with makeup is the best part because YOU get to choose what look YOU want to pull off, makeup has no power. It’s all you. 

Girls/ women shouldn’t feel like wearing makeup makes them look better than if they wore none at all. All make up does is enhance our natural beauty that we already have. 

Even if we decide to wear our bare faces, to me that is showing power, being the original you and showing that your comfortable in your own skin. To me, seeing girls like that is empowering and it empowers me to want to do the same. 

I know this was a little deep haha but I hope you enjoyed it none the less. 

Thanks for reading guys and I’ll see you all on Tuesday ♥

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