Fashion Jewellery Galore!

Hey angels I hope you are all well!?

I was going through my things the other day when I came across my collection of fashion jewellery which I do have a tiny bit of an obsession with! I love how you can go into most shops nowadays and find yourself an amazing necklace for any occasion for £10-£15 or cheaper sometimes it can be more than that but it will never be anything ridiculously priced.


Here is just a few of my pieces of jewellery which I think are stunning. I have two long necklaces which go down to my belly button which I love as they jazz up any plain top, I love wearing those with long sleeve plain tops, I think it looks amazing. Most of these I either got from New Look or River Island. I love chunky pieces as much as I love the delicate/elegant looking styles.



I also have some earrings, I did have more but I think I took them off and may have mislaid them deep sigh! They will definitely be replaced very soon as I don’t want my book to be empty, I’m not too sure where this was from as it was a gift from my amazing mum I was over the moon with this as id never seen anything like it before so she did have to explain to me what it was seeing as she caught me looking at it slightly confused haha but yes I love it!

This just goes to show you that Looking glamourous doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

I really hope you guys enjoyed me sharing this all with you, if you wear fashion jewellery id love to see it. Tag me on twitter everythingbeauty992 and show me guys!!

Thank you so much for reading lovelies and ill see you all on Tuesday ♥


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