Review: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Products.

Hey everyone!

Hair care is a big part of everyone’s life, whether your male or female I’m sure you want to take care of your hair and keep it looking as healthy as it can. Recently I had my hair stripped as it was fading into weird colours and I just had it dyed brown, since then my hair has slowly started looking dull and feely crappy to put it bluntly ha!

I’ve been on the look out for something new to try and make my hair look healthy and glossy again, another thing with my hair is that it doesn’t seem to be growing at all! It seems to be at the same length for the past 3-4 months! which is super annoying as I used to have long hair growing up and I’m trying to get back to that so I’m willing to try anything that claims it could help…which leads me on to this!


I picked up these Lee Stafford products from Boots the other day, they are the Hair Growth shampoo and conditioner and also the Hair growth treatment. The shampoo and conditioner were £7.49 each and the Hair Growth Treatment cost me £8.49, lucky for me the Lee Stafford products are 3 for £15 at the moment so I thought I’d pick them up and try them.

It says you wash your hair with the shampoo, then once you wash if off you put an egg sized amount of the Treatment through your hair, roots to tips and leave that on for 5 minutes and then you apply the conditioner and carry on as normal. Can I just say I love the smell of the Lee Stafford products, they literally smell like the perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler!


I also adore the packaging! Its really girly with the Hot pink and the font is pretty cool too. This range claims to make your hair grow…now I know I’m not gonna wake up tomorrow or any time soon and have hair like Rapunzel if only and I’m not sure these products which claim to help your hair grow actually work but what is there to loose haha!

I did wash my hair with this already and it did leave my hair feeling incredibly smooth and silky to touch, it does have a nice bit of a shine to it but as for the rest I’m sure we will see muhaha!!

Have you guys tried any Lee Stafford products? If so what do you think of them! Are you a fan of the smell like me? haha leave comments below and let me know your views =)

Thanks so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this review! See you all on Friday ♥

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