Happy ‘N’ Healthy Hands.

Hello everyone 🙂

Skin care is a major part of our day to day lives and so is our hands, we use them everyday with mostly everything we do so its only right that we should make looking after our hands a priority.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I was using the Soap and Glory Hand Food which is definitely one of my favourites and ill always go back to that but I fancied a bit of a change so I was browsing through the hand cream section in boots and came across a brand which I was using their shampoo and conditioner and seeing as I love them so much it automatically caught my attention and I had to buy it!


So here we have the Ultimate Blends Hand Hydrating Cream. Its for normal to dry hands and its non-greasy or sticky so you can carry on with your everyday tasks once you’ve popped it on. This hand cream has two amazing oils in, first is the argan oil known for its skin hydrating properties and also has camellia oil which is known for its softening and beautifying benefits.


The smell is amazing and so is the texture. It melts away in your hands and absorbs straight into your skin leaving your hands looking as healthy as they feel. I would definitely recommend this hand cream, Its also moisturises your nails and keeps your cuticles soft so as you can see it looks after your nails too! It retails at £3.99 but it is on offer at the moment for £2.99 so grab it on offer while you can guys you wont be disappointed!

I also picked up the Soap and Glory Hand Maid hand cleansing gel. Its an antibacterial gel which has natural grapefruit extract. This pretty much smells like the Original Pink Soap and Glory products which if you don’t know, smell ah-may-zing! I switch up the between the two, from the hand cream to the gel throughout the day, after I’ve washed my hands I apply the hand cream and when my hands start feeling a bit grubby ill pop on some of the gel to refresh my hands and keep them clean. Its a win win! This retails at £2.50.

These are both very inexpensive products which I would highly recommend to you all!!

Do you guys use any hand creams or any type of hand products? Id love to know about them! Leave me comments down below and recommend me some 🙂

Thanks for reading angels and ill see you all soon ♥




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