How I clean my makeup brushes?!

Hey beauts, hope your all well!

After putting my makeup on this morning, I was looking at my brushes and was ashamed at how dirty they was, I cleaned them about 3 weeks ago and as I wear makeup pretty much everyday due to the fact I have work I should technically wash them a bit more often shouldn’t I?

I did look up how often you should wash them and some websites say once a month! which is a bit too long for me, others were saying every day and then there was another one which said every two weeks. God knows, for me though I think I’m going to stick with every 2 to 3 weeks, how about you guys? How often do you wash your brushes?


These are my gorgeous Zoeva brushes that I use and to clean them I use the No7 Makeup Brush Cleanser £8.00 which isn’t bad at all. If you have read my previous blogs you would know I have a sick obsession with No7 products so I’m sure it wont come as a surprise that I also have the brush cleanser haha. Firstly I run the taps to a warm temperature and then run my brushes one by one underneath for a few minutes, I’ll then go ahead and pump a few drops onto the brush and gently rub it in circular motion in the palm of my hand until I start seeing the makeup come off which is when ill run the brush under the tap still cleaning the bristles.

They have now brought out the cleaning brush pads which help get into the brush and give that extra bit of help to clean it, I unfortunately don’t have one of these so I had to improvise and I use a nail brush which is new guys don’t worry I’m not that unhygienic haha but yeah as I was saying, ill pump a few more drops onto the brush and then rub that onto the nail brush which works amazingly well! My brushes were literally clean in seconds it was amazing, so if you don’t have the cleaning brush pad but have a nail brush, go ahead and try it, its so damn good!


After cleaning all my brushes ill go ahead and lay them on a clean towel to just get the excess water off and then ill lay them on the edge of a table with the bristles hanging off the end so the air can circulate through them and air dry them properly. Once they are dry they are good to go again and they literally feel so damn soft I could cry. Its so nice to apply makeup with a soft brush isn’t it ?!

So after reading up on a few articles I was so oblivious and didn’t really think any of it in terms of how dirty our makeup brushes actually get. Build up from dead skin cells and bacteria, to dirt and dust and then we go and apply makeup all over our face! ewwwwwww! This can also be a reason why we get spots as well, makes sense doesn’t it?

So my question to you guys is, how often do you clean your makeup brushes and what cleaner do you use? Id love to know 🙂 so leave comments down below guys.

Thanks so much for reading and ill see you all soon ♥


2 thoughts on “How I clean my makeup brushes?!

  1. I hate using dirty brushes, so I’d say maybe twice a week and the eyeshadow brushes every day. I also use regular shampoo and haven’t noticed any damage. I just love when they are clean and smell fresh!

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