RiRi Hair Extensions Review & My Experience.

Hey angels,

We all love to jazz up our look now and then don’t we? Whether it be experimenting with different makeup looks, changing our fashion style, dying our hair a different colour, just wanting to be that little bit different and having that option is great!

Well I just so happened to want that option to jazz up my style and that’s where RiRi Hair Extensions come in…

I was out shopping with my family in Harlow Town shopping centre and there was a nice stall set up with loads of different styles of hair extensions on show, from wigs to full clip in hair extensions and other styles too. My sister in law and I were having a look around the stool, when the lady who owns it approached us and asked if we wanted to be colour matched so we thought why not.

She sat us down in front of a mirror and showed us the clip in ponytail and popped it in our hair, I loved how it can switch up your look just like that, it looked so glamourous and seeing as it was synthetic hair it looked pretty damn real to me.

They are doing a promotion which is buy 2 get 1 free so my sister in law and I brought the clip in ponytail which was £25 not bad at all and then we got 1 weft which has 4 clips which my sister in law had. For 1 weft I was pretty impressed at how thick the hair is, they have so many colours so it makes it a lot easier to find a colour to match yours.

So when I brought mine, my hair was brown, within 20 minutes of walking around Harlow I decided that I wanted to dye my hair red, talk about spare of the moment! I always go back to red hair whenever I dye my hair brown, they are definitely my colours I always go back too! Having already brought my hair clip, I didn’t know if the lady would let me bring it back to change it but she was amazing and told me that once I dyed my hair red to come back and she would colour match me. No fuss at all she was so lovely about it so that’s what I did.

Four days later I popped back to her stall where we did the same process again, now because my hair was freshly dyed red, it was quite bright at this point, unfortunately they didn’t have a colour to match mine, absolutely gutting, but I thought I found one that was pretty close so I took that one away with me.


I realised when I got home that its more of a deep pink than a red which is fine because I love the colour of it and I’m thinking of dying my hair more to that colour.  I just want to point out that the lady made it clear to me it wasn’t a great match but I really wanted it and thought I could make it work, turns out I cant but its fine haha.

The lady couldn’t have been more helpful if she tried, she gave me a business card of hers aswell. Go follow her on Instagram ririhairextension_uk she has tons of pictures of customers and herself wearing the extensions so go take a look and she also has a website click here where she also ships worldwide. RiRi Hair Extensions is her own business which has been up and running for 6 months and she is doing so well for herself, they are always getting new stock coming in so their website will be growing and they will also be doing real hair as well as synthetic, that’s something that is a working progress.


The pricing of these gorgeous hair pieces you cant argue with either, starting from £25 with the promotion buy 2 get one free and the wigs starting at £45 which is super reasonable, the quality is exceptional I would highly recommend her guys so go check out the links to her website and Instagram =) I also want to add that I did not take these pictures of her stall, she very kindly let me use them, so I don’t take credit for them at all.


I really hope you enjoyed guys, thanks so much for reading and ill see you very soon in my next blog ♥

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