Benefit KA-BROW Review.

Hey everyone,

First off I just want to apologise for not uploading yesterday like I normally do, I’ve been feeling really ill the past few days and I didn’t want to sit there and do a blog for you all when my heart wasn’t in it, its a day late but I hope you all enjoy it so lets crack on.

Benefit makeup is quite a big brand, its qwerky logos and its trendy packaging really set it aside from other makeup brands, not to mention the quality of the products is amazing. Its reasonably priced I think for what its worth and I love how their products do exactly what they say on the box, which is not always the case with some brands.

Eyebrows have become such a big part of makeup, besides contour and highlight, eyebrows are one of the main things when it comes to the face as it can make or break a look. Previously I was using the Ted Baker Eyebrow pencil that came in a set I got for Christmas but I wanted to try something new so I was browsing at the benefit counter and I have seen this product used in some youtube videos and it has quite high ratings and highly spoke about so I thought id purchase it and give it a go.

I love how this product is buildable, you can make them look soft and natural or you can go for defined and dramatic, the formula is a cream-gel and it feels so soft when applying, almost like a mouse texture, it’s really light weight so it doesn’t feel like you have loads of product on your eyebrows, I got mine in shade 3.

Another thing that’s really cool about this product is that the lid is a built in brush, I swear Benefit literally think of everything! After I have used this to apply my eyebrows I use a cotton pad with some makeup remover and wipe the brush so it doesn’t get build up of product and that way the brush stays in good condition.

Overall I am loving KABROW, there isn’t anything I can say to fault it, I will definitely repurchase when I eventually run out and I will continue to use more of Benefit products as they literally are amazing. This also retails at £20 which isn’t bad at all seeing as you do get loads of product inside so its definitely going to last you a while!

Let me know your opinion if you have used Benefit KABROW, I would love to know your thoughts! Sharing is caring!

Once again I do want to apologise for not posting this yesterday but none the less I hope you enjoyed the blog! Thanks so much for reading and ill see you all very soon ♥

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