My NYX Fix!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to apologise again for not posting yesterday guys but I have been so ill again and just couldn’t bring myself to blog or do anything for that matter so I’m sooorrryyyyyy but here is the blog now and I hope you enjoy!

It may come as no surprise to some of you but I was over at the NYX makeup counter today and found a few products that I really wanted to try, I don’t necessarily need them but we tend to make ourselves believe we do so we don’t feel so bad about spending money haha or is that just me?! Let me know ha!

I did recently pick up a colour correcting palette which can you see in my previous blog, it did only have 2 colours inside with a translucent powder which was perfect until I saw the NYX palette which has 6 colours inside so I weighed up the pros and cons and to be honest I’m lying I just grabbed it and thought yes please so here we are muhahaha!


The formula of this palette is so creamy and lightweight which makes them easy to blend so I love that and I don’t think it was priced too badly either at £10.50

I think I briefly went through the 2 colours that were in my other palette and what they do but seeing as there is more in this one ill go through them again so you can see what correctors do what:

  • Green concealers: Green neutralizes red , so if you have any redness from a spot or acne scars, the green concealer will reduce the redness and give an even base for foundation.
  • Purple concealers: Purple tones are good for eliminating yellow tones.
  • Pink concealers: This is a mixture of red, orange and yellow tones which is why its so good for covering up dark under eye circles and is the perfect brightening agent.
  • Yellow concealers: Also great for covering up dark under eye circles.
  • Orange concealers: Great for people with darker skin who want to hide dark circles or spots with deep discolouration.
  • Neutral concealers: Perfect for people who don’t have much to hide.

Along side this I brought NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer £6.00 in the Yellow shade 10. Its pretty much the same as the yellow that is in the corrector palette but I have hereditary dark circles so I’m going to need as much yellow as I can get sad times! Again, its a really creamy formula so its perfect for blending out and getting it where you need it.


I also brought one last thing which did come in the palette in my previous blog, the translucent powder but I wanted to get a bigger one so I can dip a whole powder brush into it instead of trying to get use out of a tiny circle, which I will still use but probably for under eyes with a smaller brush when needed.


This is the NYX HD Finishing Powder £9.00 is literally perfect, I have never really used anything like this before because I didn’t think it would actually do anything, now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long! It softens fine lines and pores and its a matte finish, so after you have finished all your makeup, dust a bit of this all over your face and wahlah! Its like magic.

Overall I am really satisfied with the products that I brought and cant wait to use them more and see great results after applying it, if any of you beauts have tried these products or anything similar, please share down below id love to know 🙂

Thanks so much for reading guys and ill see you all in my next blog ♥

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