Makeup Bag Favourites!

Hello cupcakes, hope your all well?

I really want to share with you today all the products that I always reach for when diving into my makeup bag. I’m sure we all have a few which we will always grab as they become a sort of holy grail product in our daily makeup routine so here are a few of mine, some are new and some I have had for quite a while and would highly recommend all of these to you all…so lets get crackin.


Ill start with my makeup bag as there isn’t too much to say about it other than its a great size for the main things I need in to put in there and I love the colour, you cant really tell from the picture but it is a gorgeous rose gold and its from Primark, I’m not too sure how much it cost as it was a present from one of my friends a few years back but I love it!

On to the make up now!

Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette – I got this product in a Glossy Box the other month and I pretty much use this everyday. I haven’t used all of the colours yet, I will though as they are such stunning colours and I love the baby pink blush but the main thing I use is the highlight colour at the top. Its a really pretty champagne colour and I apply this with the Zoeva Brush which is also pictures in the bottom half of the picture. Its very pigmented so it leaves a gorgeous shine.

L’Oréal True Match Foundation – I have been using this foundation for a few years now and I always go back to it. The shade I use is Rose Vanilla, I have used a few other shades but I’ve found that this is the best colour for me. I love the formula and the finish it gives, I find it to be more of a dewy look which I love and its so easy to blend and doesn’t leave any streaky marks on your face, its also full coverage which is a super plus.

NYX Colour Correcting Concealer – If you have read my other blogs I have talked about this so I’m not going to go into too much detail about it but I have been using this every day since I brought it and I love it. My dark circles under my eyes are no where near as dark as they used to be which I never thought would be possible. I think this will definitely continue to be in my top favourites.


Ted Baker Lipstick – I really wish I knew what the name of this lipstick is, it doesn’t have the name of the colour on the package so I don’t know how I’m going to repurchase this when I run out! Its a tragic story! I got this in a Ted Baker set for Christmas and I’m pretty sure I done a blog on the set aswell, this lipstick is something I wear pretty much on a daily basis. Its a really nice pink shade and it just glides straight on and its a matte! I love it!

Benefit Hoola – Its a matt bronzer which is frickin amazing. My fiancé brought me a few Benefit products for Christmas this year and I use this everyday too. I love the colour it gives when you apply it, you can over do it though as it can be quite dark but you just have to be a bit careful, I seriously do love this product though and I will definitely buy this again.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL – This has to be my latest product which I received in this months Glossy Box, I tried it the other day and holy jheebus, it really does give your eyelashes so much volume while leaving them super soft instead of having that crispy effect some mascaras have, the more coats you apply the bigger your lashes get, its perfect!

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub – I know I have done a blog on this a few months ago but this blog is about my favourites so I had to include it. Everything about this product is amazing, the eye popping pink colour to the taste and smell and the fact it actually works and makes your lips feel incredible, I use this every other day to get a perfect base before I apply my lipstick or what ever lip product I’m using that day. I have two of these lip scrubs, both in different flavours, bonus is that after you’ve applied it you can lick it off muhahaha!

Last but not least, a few of my favourite makeup brushes. Two Zoeva Brushes, the foundation brush and the fan brush, they are super soft and don’t shed, even after washing them they go back to looking brand new and how they did when I first got them, they apply makeup so well! Then we have a bronzer/contour brush from Ted Baker which is also love, it apply bronzer perfectly and exactly when I want it. The quality of these brushes are just amazing. Love them!

There we have it guys, my makeup bag favourites. What are your favourites in your makeup bag?

Comment below and share yours =)

Thanks so much for reading beauts and ill see you very soon ♥

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