Happy Birthday Dad.

Hey guys….

No matter how many birthdays go by, it never gets any easier, people say that it gets better with time…it doesn’t, you just learn to cope with things a little bit better, find your own way of dealing with the hurt and loss.

I wanted to do a special blog for my dad today, its his birthday, talking about my dad seems to help me deal with it a little better and I love thinking back to the happy times we shared when he was still with us.

He used to make me laugh so much when it got near his birthday, he was the biggest kid you would ever meet. He would always get so excited and wanted to celebrate with his family and to be honest he was like this around Christmas and Easter too.


He was such a kind, loving, sweet, thoughtful, generous and giving person, if anyone needed help he would be the first one there to offer a helping hand, expecting nothing back in return. He has the best personality ever, whenever I was sad he would literally do whatever it took to cheer me up and that goes for anyone else he come across. He was my best friend.

I struggle when I see children or anyone for that matter with their dads, having fun, spending time with them…just enjoying their dads company, knowing I’m never going to have that again with my dad kills me…and then you start to think about all the other things ill never have my dad in my life for. My wedding, seeing his grandchildren, seeing me accomplish things. So now everything I do in my life, I have my dad in mind. I want to make him proud.


Even though its been 6 years since his been gone, I still expect to wake up and find my dad sitting on the sofa downstairs with a cup of tea and his newspaper always cracking jokes. Jheeze I miss that so much!

So I do want to say one things guys, pleassssse don’t take your parents for granted, I know they can be annoying sometimes but just suck it up and let it go because trust me, when their gone….your gonna miss them moments like crazy.

If your not the kind of person to tell your parents you love them then make sure you show how much you appreciate them. Life is too short guys trust me. Losing a parent, my best friend, my hero…its the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and to lose him at such a fragile age of 18…a time when I probably needed him most and he was taken from me.

Don’t let it be too late, trust me…you don’t want that regret…life is too short!

Although my dad isn’t here today in person, he will always be in my heart and in my thoughts.

Happy Birthday Dad

My Hero ♥

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