New Look: Super Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

Good evening you beautiful bunch of humans,

I’m really excited to share this blog with you as I love talking about makeup with you all and especially trying new products and reviews on them all.

I love a good matte lipstick but sometimes finding a good one can be tricky, they can be too drying on the lips or they claim to be matte and they clearly are not!

This is why I’m so excited that I finally found one that isn’t drying and is matte! I came across these Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks in New Look! Of all places you think you would find an amazing makeup product! Another great thing is, its super affordable at just £5.99. I picked up two to start with and literally loved them so much that I went back and got another two colours!

Lets start with the packaging! So it’s a frosted glass effect with a rose gold lid. It’s so simple but looks really stylish and rose gold will never go out of fashion, its such a gorgeous colour! Now for the product! I am in love! Literally when I first applied it, it was an instant wow, the colour pay off is incredible, one swipe and the colour is there, it feels so soft and velvety when you apply and leaves a gorgeous finish.


It literally lasts all day long, I first tried this out at a family barbecue where obviously I was stuffing my face and drinking, I went up to the bathroom and after washing my hands I glanced in the mirror and was shocked to see that the lipstick hadn’t even budged and looked like it did when I first applied it. I seriously cannot believe how amazing it is. Here are the colours I got.

Gingerbread & Fawn.
Dark Rose & Stone.

Look at those colours! I am literally so happy with these products I love everything about them. I do wish they had some red shades or coral shades as I do love those colours in lipsticks but these are definitely stunning colours and worth buying as they are very inexpensive and last all day and literally is ‘Super Matte’ which is what you want right!

Let me know if you guys have tried these yet or any other high street clothes shops that do good makeup. I love trying new things so share with me in the comments =)

Thanks so much for reading guys, I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting this together for you all!

See you all very soon ♥



16 thoughts on “New Look: Super Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

  1. I have got almost all the shades (9 out of the 10) and I’m just missing Mocha which I can’t find anywhere, be it in France where I live or even in London ! :O I’ll keep looking but I love these as much as you do, love their pigmentation, the price, the creamy texture and of course the colors… 😀

    Thanks for this review ! I shall be posting mine asap ^^
    Xx Tissam


    1. Ahh really! I’ve only got the 3 but I defo want to collect the whole lot! They are such a good quality lipstick for such a great price. Can’t complain really haha. Thanks girlie. Glad you enjoyed it xx


      1. Alrighty sounds good . I’ve been waiting to buy a grey till fall since I’m still wearing quite a few bright and neon shades for the summer . Plus I’m curious as to how the grey will look with bright pink hair I’m planning on doing .

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