Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit.

Hey angels hope your all well,

Today I’m talking about something that I’ve actually had for quite a while but haven’t actually used. My fiancé actually brought me this beginning of last year if I remember correctly and I told him the wrong shade! So that’s why I haven’t used it. Instead of getting the light to medium…I said to get the medium to tan! Why am I such an idiot?

As you can tell by the title, its the stunning Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit. I really wanted to get the one with the banana coloured powder in but because I’m an idiot I asked for the wrong shade haha! I came across it the other day in my draw and just though, ‘You know what?….Just give it a go!’


The packaging is gorgeous, black with the official logo and writing in rose gold perfect colour combination...and then you open it up and the magic happens….


Now although these shades are a bit on the darker side, they are literally perfect for different shades of bronzing. If you want a more dramatic contour or bronzer then this palette is perfect. I regret not using it sooner. The colour pay off is amazing, super pigmented powders. Literally one swipe and the colour is on so I would say you need to blend a little bit extra so you don’t get too much of a mark that looks like you’ve been drawing on your face with Crayola crayons!

The top three shades from the left we have:

  • 10k, Peaches and Cream, Macchiato.


The bottom three from the left we have:

  • Nutmeg, Havana, Espresso.


Although I didn’t pick up the correct colours I do have to say that I’m happy with this palette non the less. You can achieve so many great looks still and the fact that they are so good to blend makes them really easy to work with which is a major plus…I will definitely still get the light to medium as I have heard great things about it!

Let me know if you guys have either of the palettes and let me know what you all think!?

Thanks so much for reading beauts and ill speak to you all very soon ♥

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