Embrace the face you have!

Hey angels,

Todays blog is something a little bit on the deep side I hope you don’t mind. Basically I’ve been feeling really down and crappy lately about the way I look. Its such a big thing these days to feel like we have to look a certain way, have the perfect skin, perfect hair, bright white teeth, skinny body…I can tell you now that I have none of those things.


I have spots now and then which you can see in the picture which I purposely didn’t edit so u can see my ‘flaws’, I have laughter lines near my mouth and lines under my eyes where they crease up when I smile and I have a weird thing that happens to the side of my mouth when I smile aswell haha! My hair is dead and I have split ends, my teeth are not the colour of butter but they definitely are not glowing white and I’m not a petite little thing either… all of these things I was feeling really shitty about not having! Excuse the language but I really want to be real with you all in this blog.

When you take a look at magazines and you see all the girls with the flawless skin and perfect non cellulite bodies…now I know that they do edit the crap out of these pictures which I don’t think is right at all because it just sends out the wrong message, especially to younger girls growing up.

We are made to feel like this is what we should look like and because we don’t, we start to feel like there is something wrong with us and there isn’t at all…we are the real ones, not them.


When you see pictures of girls on Instagram, yes their pictures are edited. I’m not denying the fact that they are beautiful still but they have still edited there pictures to some extent whether it be to make there skin look smoother or their teeth be whiter. I feel its something we all need to realise.

The point of this blog is to basically say that I’ve taken a good look at myself lately and I’m so tired of feeling like I’m not worth it and feeling down about the way I look. I’m never going to be able to change the way I look and I’m learning to love my imperfections, its what makes me…me!

Learn to love yourself, it will the best thing you will ever do. You’ll feel much more confident and comfortable in the things that you do…I’m still on that journey and I know I will get there, its not an easy thing to try and change your mind set but you are all beautiful people and you should love the skin that your in and embrace the way that you look.

I’m sorry again for the deepish blog ha! I just really wanted to talk to you about it all, especially as its such a big issue nowadays so if any of you want to talk about it we can have a chat in the comments below.

I really hope you enjoyed it none the less and ill speak to you all very soon ♥

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