Glossy Box: May Edition!

Hello beauties,

I know today isn’t my normal uploading day, I just haven’t been feeling myself lately so I just took a break and decided to upload today instead as I’m feeling a bit better within myself, I will go back to uploading every Tuesday and Friday though but just bare with me =)

On a brighter note, its that fun time of the month again when I receive my beloved Glossy Box…I was excited when I opened this months box as all the products inside look fun and exciting to try. Although I haven’t tried all of the products, I still thought I would share them with you all, so lets jump into it.


Scrub Love Activated Charcoal Body Scrub – This product I haven’t tried yet but I cannot wait to! The packaging is really cute, I love the black and white pattern and the font is pretty cool too. Its a charcoal based body exfoliator which absorbs the day to day pollutants and impurities that sit on the skin, now for me I’m already sold…anything that can cleanse my skin to that level is an instant like for me! Seeing as charcoal is one of the most ancient detoxing ingredients and its also 100% natural, vegan and vegetarian friendly! You can purchase this on and it retails at £13.95! Not a bad price at all.

Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm – Starting with the packaging first, I love how simple it is but stands out as the colour is bright yellow! Its a multipurpose balm which can be used on your lips, skin and your hair… it also says that you can use this on the top on your cheekbones to create a sheer sheen or to apply on top of your brows to smooth them down. Now I don’t think I would use it on my hair or my skin other than my lips as I have done already and I feel like its really hydrating and makes them feel super soft and leaves a nice shine to them afterwards. This products has aloe vera, olive oil and pawpaw which nourishes and soothes the skin. It doesn’t have a scent to it which I quite like and again this is also cruelty free and vegan friendly. You can purchase this on and it retails at £6.95. Cheap and cheerful.

Ruby Powder Blush In Coral – This is the second time I have received a Ruby product in a Glossy Box, the last one was an eyeshadow brush which I frickin love! Their products are amazing so I was more than happy when I saw the Ruby Blush! Its such a gorgeous colour, perfect for spring and summer, the colour is really pigmented so you don’t need too much product on the brush which means it will last longer! You can purchase this on and it retails at €14.99.


Modellauncher Brow Duo Pencil – I always love trying new eyebrow products so I was super excited to try this products. Its double ended which has a brush one end and the product on the other. Its an angled retractable tip and I find it super easy to use, it makes the, look so natural and the colour is perfect for my brows, I love the definition it gives them but leaves a natural look at the same time. You can purchase this on and it retails at £10.50.


Lavera NaturKosmetik Hand and Cuticle Cream – I’m going to be honest with you all, I don’t really trim my cuticles or anything like that, I push them back now and then but they don’t look bad so I’ve never felt the need to do anything with them… If you do have hard cuticles though I would actually recommend this hand and cuticle cream, my hands and my cuticles do feel a lot softer than before after using this.


3 thoughts on “Glossy Box: May Edition!

  1. I signed up for Birchbox this month and I still don’t know if I’ve made the right choice between Birchbox and Glossybox! I’ll give you a follow so I can keep up with your YouTube doings! Please check out my blog too ❤ xoxo


    1. Thanks so much for the comment chick and thanks in advance for subscribing 😊😘… I don’t really know much about birchbox but I think you get more high end brands in there don’t you? Glossybox is just what I can afford at the moment but I love it and the products you get inside! And yeah course I will xx

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