Birchbox Review.

Hey everyone, hope your all doing great,

After reading a few different blogs about Birchbox subscriptions… I hate to be a traitor but I switched over from Glossy Box to this one! I saw that with Birchbox you seem to get more well known products and its a little bit cheaper, not by much but every little helps right. So I unsubscribed at just the right time as if I has done it literally the day after I would have had to wait to receive Junes Glossybox and then I could unsubscribe… anyway straight after I done this I signed up for Birchbox and received it within a few working days which was great!

My first thoughts was wow, the packaging is gorgeous, this months Birchbox came in a marbled effect box with a slide out that opens like a draw! Another thing I love is that you can actually choose your own packaging your product comes in every month, I’ve already chosen mine for June and I literally cannot wait till it comes ahh!


How frickin stunning is that packaging haha! Before I get overly carried away lets move on to the products…

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow £14.49.

With this product we could choose out of two colours and those were Fifty Shades (the one I chose) or Vanilla Frosting. I love the colour I chose, its loose powder form which I don’t mind, I’ve never really had an eyeshadow like that before so we shall give it a go, from swatching it though I can already tell that I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. The colour is stunning and its so pigmented, its also made from all natural ingredients so its perfect if you have sensitive eyes, it does say that if you want to intensify the colour just wet the eyeshadow brush first and then apply so I will definitely try both ways out as I can guarantee they are both going to look great.


Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara £18.

Now if you have read my previous blogs you would know that when it comes to mascara I love the bristled wands instead of the plastic comb type… so I was so excited when I saw the wand on this mascara…its huge to say the least! I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t actually know what the application is going to be like but I cant wait to give that a go! It has a jumbo fibre wand which defines each individual lash adding thickness and volume which gives the false lash effect, now I know so many mascaras claim to actually be able to do this so it will be interesting to see the outcome!


Spectrum Marbelous C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush £4.99.

Not going to lie, I have always wanted to try Spectrum brushes, I’ve seen them quite a bit on youtube and I’ve heard loads of good things about them so you can imagine the happiness I felt when I saw this lying in my Box! Its a tapered brush made with synthetic bristles, its a really fluffy texture so it will be really soft on the eyes so this makes it perfect for blending, smudging and defining. It says to use the flat side of the brush for all over colour and the tip to define the crease or along the lash line. Literally the perfect brush.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray £19.

This product is part dry shampoo and part texturiser, pretty cool right? Its said to add instant lift to unwashed hair, you pretty much use this exactly as you would use dry shampoo, this also smells incredible, like perfume, I haven’t used this yet but I’m excited too! You might see a few of this products in an upcoming favourites blog if they fit the bill!



Caudalie Vine Activ Glow Activating Anti Wrinkle Serum £36.

I cant believe how expensive this product is, the full size one obviously ha!, If it actually works then that’s great why not but I’m a bit sceptical on anti wrinkle products, I don’t really know if I feel like they would work but none the less, it says that this product delivers a shot of anti-cell burn-out complex to brighten dull skin and smooth fine lines which you need to apply morning and evening before you apply moisturiser for an added veil of protection. My gorgeous mum wanted this product haha bless her so I gave it to her, I hope she enjoys it!

Benefit Trio! FREE!!

Everyone loves a freebie don’t they! Especially a Benefit one. This months box came with a Benefit Trio which includes They’re Real Mascara which I actually own already and I love!! which is a rarity as the brush is a plastic one but I love how this one applies and makes my lashes look, only thing I don’t like about it is that it makes them feel a bit crispy! Eww.

Next in the trio is They’re Real Tinted Primer in the shade Minx-Brown, you can wear this alone for a feathery natural looking lash or apply this before using the They’re Real mascara to boost length and separation.

Last but definitely not least we have the They’re Real Eye Makeup Remover. That’s one thing I will actually say about this mascara, it really does last all day and with my normal makeup remover I do have to spend a bit more time on the eyes as it just loves to stay put! So I’m interested to see how easy this makes it to come off!

That concludes todays blog beauts, I really hope you all enjoyed it!

If any of you receive Birchbox, let me know your thoughts on this months box! Did you love it or hate it?!

Also if you haven’t read my Lush giveaway blog then check it out! When I reach 250 followers I shall be doing a lush giveaway which I’m so excited about doing so if you want to be in a chance of winning then follow me on here and social media and when I reach the 250 ill post another blog of how you can win!

Thanks so much for reading guys, I shall speak to you all very soon ♥


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