Starting a Youtube Channel.

Hey angels,

Hope your all okay! Todays blog is something a bit different, as you can tell by the title I’m starting a Youtube Channel!

If you have been reading my blogs from the get go you will know I have mentioned starting a channel a few times but still nothing! Its a scary thing, to put yourself out there on the internet, especially when your not a particularly confident person…

I’ve recently started watching two girls on Youtube who are a best friend duo, they are SYDANDELL. I did try leaving the link here but it wouldn’t let me but that is there youtube name and ill leave there Instagram account here also @ITSSYDANDELL.

So basically I got told about these guys by one of my own friends and I’ve been hooked on watching there videos, they are so down to earth, confident, funny girls and I got total inspiration from them both to start my own channel.

I happened to message Sydney on her Instagram asking for advice on starting a youtube channel and about confidence as I hate the way I look…she messaged me back which I didn’t expect and she was so lovely. She basically told me to just go for it and that there is nothing to lose, that there is much more love than hate and yeah basically just do it!

As simple as those words were, they were kind of powerful to me. I’ve been putting it off for so long due to lack of confidence and its just stopping me from doing things I really want to do…like this.

On my channel I’ll be making all types of videos, mostly about beauty and lifestyle, hauls and product reviews. So look out in the next coming month, when I do my first video ill post a blog and let you guys know so you can check it out if your interested!

If any of you have been thinking about making a youtube channel, seriously just go for it, you have nothing to lose!

Leave a message below if any of you are thinking of starting a channel, maybe we can encourage each other 🙂

Just a quick reminder!

I did post a blog a little while ago but just to inform you all again… when my blog reaches 250 I will be doing a Lush Giveaway! So lets get to 250 and ill post another blog on how you can win…You do have to be following to be a part of this giveaway though guys!

Thanks so much for reading guys, Ill speak to you all soon! ♥

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