Vanity Planet: Spin For Perfect Skin Review. 

Hey angels,

Today’s blog is about a product I’m really excited about. I heard about this brand from a YouTube duo called SYDANDELL if you haven’t already then please go and check them out! They’re great!

They done a YouTube video on this product and they had kindly been given a 70% discount for their subscribers. The original price was $99.99 but with the discount it was $30.00 which in British pounds works out at £28!! Seriously guys u cannot complain!

If you go on and watch their video skincare routine (in depth) |talk through & demo the link is in their video. I did try and add the link on here but it wasn’t letting me, sorry guys! 

This is what it comes in, you get four different brushes for all different things and you also get to choose what colour is on the handle. It comes in several colours so you have plenty of choice.

So the first small round brush with the white bottom is the cleansing brush. It had ultra soft bristles that are designed for people that also have sensitive skin, you just dampen your face and the brush, apply whichever facial cleanser your using and cleanse away. Just move in circular motions around your face and it literally gets in all the places that are difficult too tackle normally. It makes your skin feel so so soft and glowy after you’ve finished.

The other small brush with the grey bottom is the exfoliating brush. This brush is designed to lift away any dirt or left over makeup to give your face that extra clean feeling. They recommend to cleanse your face before exfoliating for optimum usage. Just like the cleansing brush this brush is literally amazing. It has quick drying bristles aswell so you don’t have to leave it out to air dry for too long.


Then there’s the body brush which is the one attached to the device, its perfect for exfoliating your arms, legs and back. I just use my regular body wash and go to town…my skin has never felt so smooth and silky. It removes all the dead or dry skin from your body leaving it feeling super soft.

To top it all off you also have a pumice stone. This rough stone is used to remove calluses and dead skin from elbows, feet and knees…I have been using this on my feet and I never thought I could get them feeling so smooth…they wasn’t overly bad but being on your feel all day everyday your going to get some rough skin on your feet and its always good to look after every part of your body, your feet being one of them.

If you ever need new head brushes you can go onto Vanity Planet and purchase them on there and if you sign up for the subscribe and save program you get 25% off every refill order which is amazing right guys!?

Overall I cannot be happy with my purchase! I use it everyday and I will definitely continue to do so!

If you have brought one of these then please let me know what you think! – If not, then why?! GO GRAB YOURSELVES ONE! You have SYDANDELL to thank =)

Thanks so much for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it!

Ill speak to you all very soon ♥

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