Makeup Revolution: Conceal & Define

Hey angels!

Long time no speak! I hope your all doing great! =)

So girls and boys, if you haven’t seen it already all over the internet, beauty magazines, other blogs and of course Youtube… Make up Revolution Conceal & Define Conceal and Contour which is supposed to be a dupe for the Tarte shape tape contour concealer … Well its supposed to be amazing and only a fraction of the price.

Tarte shape tape is retailing at £22 and the Makeup Revolution conceal and define is retailing for £4 .. I’m sorry what? How frickin insane is that? I’ve watched so many youtube videos and this product has been hyped up soo much that I just had to get my hands on it and try it out! … However, I’ve never used Tarte shape tape so I don’t have anything to compare it to…but I always have trouble with concealers whether it be that they don’t conceal my dark circles very well or they are too sheer and just not a good concealer overall…so lets see what I thought of this one!


The packing looks high quality, shiny rose gold and its quite a thick glass bottle aswell. It definitely looks like a higher end concealer already.

IMG_3888_Facetune_02-02-2018-12-32-13 1

Here is what the applicator looks like…I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty obsessed! Its a big thick dofer applicator which if you google the Tarte shape tape one its almost identical (I would insert a picture but yano I aint tryna get done for copyright! …haha) It gives a nice even application, the consistency is nice and thick so its extremely full coverage…I honestly will say so far its the best concealer I’ve tried.

IMG_3889_Facetune_02-02-2018-12-42-09Like I said previously about the consistency, I hope you can see from the picture how full coverage that it, that was literally one swatch on my arm…I got mine in the shade C4 and I personally find that this one has neutral undertones so its perfect for my skin tone. It blends out like a dream and it still maintains that full coverage which I find with most of the concealers I have tried, whenever I blend them out they fade into nothing and you can see everything you’ve tried to hide with it in the first place!

Another amazing thing about this concealer is….are you ready for it?! It comes in 18 god damn shades! So I’m pretty sure there will be a shade out there for everyone, you can also contour with them so if you love your cream contours then I would definitely give these a go for that aswell.

You can get this concealer on the Superdrug website – however it was all sold out! So I ended up getting mine from Tam Beauty and it literally came within 3 days.

So guys! If you’ve tried this amazing concealer already, let me know what you guys think! Especially if you’ve tried the Tarte shape tape aswell!

Thanks for reading guys! I’m going to be getting back in to my blog, so I hope you all stick around =) ♥

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