Golden brown for summer – but which one?

Okay so I haven’t used fake tan in forever. This literally used to be a ritual of mine, I wouldn’t want to leave the house without putting on some fake tan as I just loved the golden look it used to give me because sadly I’m quite pale without it.

I did stop a few years ago because I always used to get it on my sheets or stain my clothes and I could never wear white when I wore tan as sometimes it would come off when I got hot – gross I know but for anyone who wears fake tan you would know that can sometimes happen – Its a struggle.

Another thing is that I really want to try and not wear foundation so much so I really wanted to find a tan for my face that wasn’t going to make me orange or look too fake or come off every time I have a wash in the morning… So I was browsing in Boots in the tanning section and came across the St Tropez Self Tan Purity, its a Bronzing Water Face Mist and it says it gives you Natural Glowing Skin, so instantly I’m sold. It retails for £14.67 and you get 80ml of product. The only downfall I will say is that in all of the bottles they had on the shelf, none of them were filled up to the top which was really frustrating! None the less I purchased it anyway and I am OBSESSED.


It gives a medium/golden tan that literally does last for days. It doesn’t come off when I wash my face in the morning and the best part is…I don’t need to wear any foundation which guys I’m literally buzzing about! Its tropical scented and its a really fine mist so its extremely lightweight when you apply and absorbs very quickly. I normally apply this on my face, neck and the top of my chest so it all blends in. It also says it takes 4-8 hours to develop so its not an instant colour once you apply but honestly the colour is so natural and beautifully glowy skin.

It says on the bottle that it is infused with green mandarin water and tropical hibiscus flower extract to help combat the effects of pollution and environmental aggressors.

They do also have the Bronzing Water Mousse which retails for £20.66. I really do want to try this as I am so impressed with the face mist but it was too expensive to buy that one at the same time so ill save that one for pay day!

I did however still get a tan but in the form of moisturising lotion and it was such a good price I thought I would give it a go.

As you can see above, it was the Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion for a Sun-Kissed Look. Now I was really excited to try this product as you can build it up to the colour you want and as it is a moisturiser aswell it’ll leave my skin feeling super soft and golden.

The bottle I brought had 400ml of product inside and its retailed for £3.89, it was originally £7.79 but its half price at the moment so I thought that was an absolute bargain.

It definitely does work as I had a nice subtle colour to me the next morning but the smell I cant stand. When you first apply it, it smells like apricots which is really nice….and then it dries and its just a horrible fake tan smell. I was laying next to my fiancé who said he could smell something odd, as he got closer he realised it was me and told me I smelt like custard cream biscuits…now I don’t know about you guys but that’s not really something I want to go around smelling of haha!

So that day I washed it off and it has put me off using it again sadly so I don’t think I would repurchase this particular product but I really do want to give the St Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse ago because if its anything like the Face Mist then I’m going to be in love with it!

What tan do you guys use? Any recommendations? If so leave a comment down below =)

Thanks so much for reading guys and ill speak to you all soon ♥

3 thoughts on “Golden brown for summer – but which one?

  1. I’ve recently started getting into tan but I’m just a spray tan person at the minute because I don’t trust myself! Great post, I’m back at blogging after a break so it’d mean a lot if you went to check it out xx

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