A start to a healthier me…

I don’t know about you guys but I literally cannot go a day without having a chocolate bar, a packet of crisps or a fizzy drink…even if I have a tea or coffee I have to put about 3-4 sugars in there! I’m surprised I have any teeth left!

I really want to cut down my sugar intake as I know its not healthy for me at all and the amount of rubbish ill eat in a day is a joke, I wanted to talk to you about why I’ve decided to cut out sugar for 2 weeks and what I would normally eat in a day (and let me tell you…it aint pretty!) I’ll also talk about what id like the outcome to be and then in 2 weeks time I’ll conclude the outcome in another blog. So keep your eyes peeled for that one…with that being said lets get started.


What I would normally eat in a day.

  • So I wake up and I wont have any breakfast at all or anything to drink…Ill get ready for work and off I go.
  • When I get to work I’ll make myself a coffee from the coffee machine and put 3-4 sugars in it!
  • I start work at 9am … about 10-11am I start getting a bit peckish so ill pop to our staff room and have a snack – nothing healthy mind you, it would probably be a Dairylea Dunker or a packet of crisps and a bottle of Lucozade.
  • Lunch time will come and ill normally have 3 minute noodles that I chuck in the microwave OR the night before I would have made myself a sandwich which would be ham/cheese and pickle but I eat brown bread so that’s good isn’t it haha.
  • You would think this would enough right? But oh no, I literally crave anything that’s bad for me so ill pop next door and nine times out of ten ill buy 2 chocolate bars and a packet of crisps and another fizzy drink! Which I know I really don’t need but ill buy them anyway and after eating it all ill instantly regret it because now I have to go back to work feeling bloated and sick!
  • When I get home my fiancé has dinner ready for me (I know I’m such a lucky girl, bless him♥) and our dinners and normally pretty healthy to a degree so that’s fine and ill probably have a juice with my dinner.

So as you can see guys my diet is bloody terrible! If I don’t end up having anything sugary it makes me feels sick. I constantly feel sluggish which is not great when I have to do 8 and a half hour shifts and I literally feel like I have no energy to do anything and this in turn make me feel really crap about myself.

I’ve decided to cut out bad sugar for 2 weeks! Oh my lord I am gonna struggle so bad but its mind over matter and its just cravings that I’m gonna have to push past. I’m thinking of taking fruit pots to work with me for snacks and I’m still gonna have my sandwiches, I have green tea at work so ill choose to have that instead of a coffee with my 100 sugars in it and once I’ve eaten my lunch then that’s it until dinner time. Binge eating is not a good thing at all!

I also want to start eating more vegetables as I feel like I don’t eat them half as much as I should and also drink more water.

Making sure I get up and have a decent breakfast is essential and it’s going to give me that boost I need to kickstart my day.

So from this guys I’m hoping that giving my body a good ol detox from bad sugars will give me more energy, not feeling bloated anymore, less headaches and most importantly, feeling better within myself.

Let me know if any of you have tried this before and how you got on with it, id be interested to know 🙂

Thanks for reading my lovelies and ill be posting the outcome in 2 weeks time ♥

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