Healthy eating for 2 weeks – How it went for me.

Hi guys,

If you have read my blog 2 weeks ago you would know that for 2 weeks I was going to be eating a bit more healthier and cutting out bad sugars such as crisp, chocolate, cakes and fizzy drinks because my diet was so awful and I relied on those sugars to get me through the day because without them I would feel so drained and shaky and just really blergh.

Although the initial feeling of having the sugar gave me a little bit of energy, I really was just feeling bloated and sick and I used to get headaches all the time so I thought if id try and do this test for 2 weeks to see how it made me feel and if it helped at all with any of the symptoms I was feeling.

One of the biggest changes I have made is getting up 15-20 minutes earlier every morning to have breakfast! If you did read the other blog about healthy eating you would know that’s something I never done! … Let me tell you something – breakfast is key! It really does give you the boost you need to kickstart your day. I have been eating Special K the berry one and I use semi-skimmed milk and it honestly does fill me up till lunch time which is great because I would normally snack on sugary unhealthy food to get me through till lunch!

For my lunch I’ve been having sweet chili wraps with chicken and low fat mayo. I had one wrap and cut it in half because it was the bigger wraps. Now I know this probably aint the healthiest thing for you but I was only giving up on like I said sweets and fizzy drinks so this was okay for my lunch. I would also take a 1.5litre bottle of water with me to work which I really did enjoy drinking. It doesn’t leave your mouth feeling all gooey like fizzy drinks do…I’ve never been a fan of water but it did enjoy it.


When I got up in the morning to do my breakfast I would also do my own fruit salad. So when my fiancé and I went shopping we brought some pineapple fingers, some melon and grapes and strawberries and kiwi’s … I would put a bit of each in a pot and take that to work with me so I would normally have this after my wraps OR on the odd occasion if I could feel myself getting a little bit peckish at work I would go out the back and have some fresh fruit. Its just so refreshing and I absolutely love fruit so I really did enjoy this.

This filled me up until I got home and had my dinner which like I mentioned I wasn’t going super crazy and watching what I ate in that sense so we just had normal dinners.

The outcome of this is great, not once did I feel bloated or sick and I thought id be having withdrawal symptoms from having no bad sugar like having the shakes but I actually didn’t. I’ve learnt to like drinking water so I am definitely going to taking water to work with me everyday and same with bringing fresh fruit to work everyday. Its just not something I would get bored of.

I think ill have one day a week where ill have some chocolate or a packet or crisps but I am definitely not going back to how I was before because I do feel so much better within myself for it!

if you guys have cut out bad sugars and tried this then let me know because id love to know how you got on!

Thanks so much for reading guys and ill speak to you all soon ♥

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