Life update.

Wow! … It literally feels like forever since I’ve sat down and wrote a blog.

I hope you’ve all been great and had the best summer ever, I think that’s actually when I last posted a blog on here…now we’re moving into Christmas…seriously where has this year gone?!

A lot has happened in the past 4 months that I’ve been MIA. I just lost all motivation to do anything and it sucks! I love writing as I feel like its an outlet for me because I can get creative and talk about whatever I want and show you guys new products I’ve brought and all that fun stuff…but sometimes you do lose that spark that makes you enjoy doing the things you love and I just needed to take a step back. I didn’t want to be posting things for you guys and my hear wasn’t in it because it would show.

I really want to start making an effort to get back into blogging because I do genuinely love it and I know this has happened quite a few times to be this year but I’m really going to try stick to it this time…I don’t have an excuse!

But something has happened these past few months that I’m super excited about so lets get into that.



We brought a flat!

My fiancé and I have literally been looking for quite a while now, we wanted to go for a new build and do the help to buy scheme as we wouldn’t have been able to do it any other way! I knew it was going to be expensive but Jesus!

The first flat we looked at was beautiful, we saw the show home as they hadn’t been completed yet and we were really interested in buying as it came with all the essentials like the washing machine, oven… things you really do need before you move in. When we sat down with the lady who was showing us around we asked about parking and it was sadly only one parking space per flat and there was no other parking around apart from in town which neither of us felt comfortable with as that was 10-15 mins away and I wanted to be able to see my car not leave its somewhere else…So given that reason we had to look for something else.

We then found somewhere else where flats were being built and this one was a two bedroom flat. Again, it hadn’t been built yet so there wasn’t anything to look at but we went and spoke with their mortgage advisor and she said we fitted the criteria and everything for it but got told the prices might change…long story short, that ended up happening and we couldn’t afford it so we had to start from scratch and keep looking.

And then, third time lucky… So we did end up buying off plan because they haven’t been built yet, we saw computer images of what it was going to look like and it looked beautiful. It was within our price range aswell which was perfect so we set the ball rolling so we could apply for a mortgage and buy this property. Contracts have recently been exchanged so we are now proud owners of our very first place together which we are both super excited to start a new chapter in our lives together but let me tell you…it has been stressful!!

I’m not the brightest bulb in the bunch so when all the contracts started getting sent through and phone calls with mortgage advisors and solicitors, I had no idea what half of the things meant! My amazing fiancé took on basically everything to do with it all even though he too wasn’t 100% sure of what things meant so a massive thank you to him for just being amazing.

Move in date they said should be towards the end of December but we said we wanted to wait till the new year to move in as don’t want the stress over Christmas but we are both so excited to move in and we have started buying things for our new places aswell! eek!!

So that’s pretty much the low down of what I’ve been focusing on these past 4 months because until you get that contract exchange, things can still go wrong and fall through so its a very scary process! But its all done now and I’m so, so happy! Id really like to do some moving in blogs when we get in our new place and share my whole experience with you all… is that something you would be interested to see?

What have you guys all been up to lately? Leave a comment down below =)

Thanks for reading and speak to you all soon guys ♥



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