Worth the hype? – L’Oreal Infaillible Magic Essence Drops.

Hello angel faces, hope your all well!

I love jumping on the band wagon and trying new products although I think I’m slightly late on this one… Oops!

L’Oreal have got to be one of the biggest drugstore brands going and some of their products are amazing, so whenever I go into Boots I always have a little mooch around at their section to see what new products I can find and what I can try out next.

While I was on one of my mooching sessions, this beauty stood out from all the rest, seriously look at that colour – its bright blue and super eye catching! I instantly picked it up and had to spend my money on it as it just looked insane and the fact it says on the bottle ‘Brightening Primer Drops’ had me pretty much sold to be honest.


This product retails at £9.99 which I didn’t think was too bad if it was going to work.

As awesome as the colour of this product is, its also in a glass bottle which instantly makes the product look higher quality.

This is what the product claims to do:

  • Blue toned formula will instantly brighten complexion whilst also hydrating, refresh and smoothen skin
  • Enriched with Hyaluronic acid and anti oxidants.
  • 24hr deep hydration with no sticky residue.
  • Lightweight water texture for a fresh feeling and quick absorption.
  • Creates a perfect base for a smoother makeup application.

This product I find has a really nice scent aswell, its has Kiwi, Acai and Goji berry, it smells a bit like aftershave but its not overpowering.


The product definitely feels refreshing on your skin, it gives a cooling sensation which is really nice and the water texture does make the product absorb quicker into your skin, its definitely not greasy and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky – however I don’t feel like it did anything in the brightening aspect. My face didn’t seem any brighter in any way, it just felt super smooth and my makeup did apply nicely on my skin.

Overall I do like this product but I don’t think I would repurchase, only because it doesn’t brighten my skin which is what I mainly wanted it for, other than that, all the other qualities that are listed it definitely does the job.

Thanks so much for reading and ill speak to you all soon ♥


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