Lancôme: The Perfect Foundation and Concealer?

Hey angels,

After trying the Lancôme skin care a few blog posts ago, I decided to dip back into the same brand and try some more of their products. Every girl/boy who wears makeup is always on the hunt for the perfect foundation and the perfect concealer which can be really hard to find…Is it going to oxidise? Will it last all day? It is going to be worth the money?

Well this little beauty is definitely worth the money in my opinion. The foundation is called Teint Idole Ultra Wear and it retails for £33.50. These foundations come in an amazing 45 shades so there will 100% be a colour out there for everyone. The product has 2 things in which are the most effective oil absorbing ingredients and they are Perlite and silica, so you’ve got benefits there to help if you do have oily skin and it also has NAI pigments in which are specially coated pigments to help maintain consistent PH levels with skin so the colour stays true all day – nobody likes a foundation that oxidises throughout the day and we end up looking like an oompa Loompa!

IMG_0909_Facetune_23-05-2019-15-56-29 1

I got my sample in the shade Beige Ivoire which is a perfect match for me. Its definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum but I’ve used this for work which is a perfect way for me to test out, see how it wears throughout the day and let me tell you, it doesn’t budge, it doesn’t go cakey or patchy, so its definitely a win from me.

The full size product comes in a 30ml bottle, it has SPF15 in which is fab if you forget to put on sun lotion. Its full coverage and lightweight so your left with that nice free skin feel while looking flawless.

It does claim to last up to 24hrs but I’ve said this previously, I don’t tend to wear my makeup for that long but as far as a full day at works goes – it does the job perfectly.

I’m also trying out the Effacernes Longue Tenue Concealer which retails for £24.00 and again, for a high end product which does the job you just cant complain really. Its a full coverage concealer which I really appreciate. My dark circles are no joke and I really feel this concealer helps to tone that right down and it doesn’t cake up under my eyes either which I love.


A great benefit with this concealer is that it has SPF30 in!! How insane is that, this is why I’m saying its totally worth the money. It claims to be waterproof but I haven’t tested that out as of yet, its suitable for all skin types with is amazing and it has a 12hr duration period. On the Lancôme website as far as I can see, this concealer comes in 6 different shades which is still pretty good, I do feel like a few more shades would be better but the one I have works for me.

Both of these products are winners for me, I enjoy trying out new products, even if it is just a sample for now, at least I know ill 100% want to purchase it when it runs out.

Have any of you angels tried this foundation or concealer or anything that you would recommend by Lancôme? If so then leave me a comment and Ill be sure to try it out 🙂

Thanks so much for reading guys and I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥

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