Ultimate Blends Repairing Hair Food.

Hey angels,

Today I’m stepping aside from makeup and wanted to talk to you about this hair mask I’ve been using and loving recently.

Its by Ultimate Blends and its their Hair Food range. It comes in four different scents which are for different conditions of your hair. The one I picked up is for damaged hair and is in the scent Papaya and Alma, they are all 3-in-1 hair masks aswell which is fab.

So there’s a few great things about this range, let me tell you about it:

  • 100% Vegan
  • Use plant oils.
  • No silicones – so gives a natural feel.
  • Made with 98% natural origin ingredients.
  • No artificial colourants.
  • No parabens.

Like I mentioned, these are 3-in-1 hair masks so there is multiple ways to use them. You can use them like a normal conditioner on wet hair which helps to detangle and when dry your hair is beautifully shiny and looks super healthy.

You can also use this as a hair mask, so on wet hair just put a generous amount on mid length to ends and keep on for around 3 mins and then wash off and dry your hair how you normally would.


Or, you can use this as a leave in condition which you can use on wet or dry hair, I have tried all of these and I love the results it gives me. I don’t mind the scent of this one, its really fruity and I like that you can still smell it once your hair is dry aswell, it also claims to reduce the look of split ends, now my hair is beyond repair I think and I’m too chicken to cut my hair as its not that long as it is! So I cant say that I see that benefit from it but as far as leaving my hair amazingly soft and looking healthy, it definitely does the job.

I use mine after I have washed my hair like normal and then put a generous amount on my hair and use my tangle teezer so spread the product evenly throughout my hair, once I’m out of the shower I always let my hair air dry but before that I also use my Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream on the ends of my hair aswell and then leave my hair to dry naturally and I love the result.


The other ones they do are:

  • Banana and Shea – Dry Hair
  • Coconut and Macadamia – Frizzy and unruly Hair.
  • Aloe Vera and Coconut – Normal hair.

They normally retail in Boots for £6.99 but at the moment they are half price so that’s £3.50 which is an amazing deal and I really want to try the aloe vera and coconut one because it smells insane!

Overall I’m really happy with the product, I would repurchase but like I said I would like to try the other ones aswell to see if I can benefit more from another one and the price of £3.50 you cant really go wrong.

Have any of you angels tried these? If so let me know what your thoughts are and what one you tried, Id love to know.

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥





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