Tammi x Revolution: Tropical Carnival Shadow Palette.

Hi angels,

I’m so excited to show you guys this palette, it has been out for a while now and I have actually had this for quite some time aswell but I finally swatched the shades and I’m actually obsessed and cannot wait to try out some makeup looks!

This palette is in collaboration with a youtuber called Tammi Clarke and I believe she has brought out previous palettes before aswell, this may be her 2nd or 3rd one, not too sure! The palette retails for £10 so its super affordable and you get 18 gorgeous shades in here, seeing these colours literally make me think of cocktails and holidays!


I love the packaging, its black with the colour burst and then Tammi’s name written on the front in gold font, then you open it up and the magic happens!

You get seven shimmer shades which are literally to die for, super pigmented and not chalky at all, which is great as it means no fall out, however when I swatched the matte shades, which you get 11 of, a few of them did seem chalky and when I swatched them on my arm there was a bit of fall out but nothing extreme so it doesn’t bother me at all as its nothing you cant just wipe away.


It comes with a decent sized mirror which is the same size as the palette so its amazing for travelling with, especially as its a really sleek, slim palette aswell, its not chunky or weighty. It comes with a plastic sleeve on the inside laid over the top of the eyeshadows with each of their name on but you don’t have to keep that because on the back of the palette each of the names are printed on there and numbered so you know what each colour is.

I feel like they are all very true to colour except the black, its more of a grey/black, I did have to put 2 swatches on the black but these colours are very buildable so the more you apply the more intense the colour will be.


From left to right: Destinee, Shortknee, Greenz, Spiced Rum, Notting Hill, Soca, Calypso.


From left to right: Jab Jab, Saint Catherine, Definitely, Navy, Bacchanal, Girlies, Mas, Pink Panther, Trini, Spice Island, J’ouvert.

Other than that I cannot fault this palette, for £10 and 18 shades which are insanely stunning, what more could you ask for, I’ll definitely be playing around with these colours and ill post some blogs on makeup looks if you guys would be interested to see that, let me know =)

If any of you have tried this palette, what are your thoughts? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading guys and I’ll speak to you all very soon ♥


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