Revolution Pressed Glitter Palette – Hot Pursuit.

Hey angels,

Sorry I didn’t upload last Thursday and its late going up today – I’ve had so much going on but I’ll bounce back next week =)

Today I want to talk to you guys about this stunning palette I got for my birthday back in may, I haven’t had a chance to play around with it properly yet but I’m super excited to after swatching them so I just wanted to share it with you!

First all of…the packaging is insane! I love glitter and sparkle and the packaging just screams it!! The colour is gorgeous aswell, a vibrant red and the glitter doesn’t really come off either which is good.


It comes with a decent sized mirror inside which sadly I stepped on and cracked it =( I really like how slim and compact the palettes are aswell as they make it easy to take with you when you travel and doesn’t take up too much space.

The colours in this beauty are amazing, You get 9 beautiful colours and they are very true to colour when applied aswell. The texture is creamy which is nice so when applied it doesn’t feel like your rubbing grit on your eyes.

I do find these pressed glitter eyeshadows apply and stay on a lot better when using glitter glue, I use the Nyx Glitter Primer which you can use on your lips aswell as your eyes.

So lets talk about the first three shades from left to right:


Inflamed (pink with green shift), Fierce (pink, mauve), Burning Desire (burnt red).


Ignite (gleaming gold), Passion (burnt orange), Fever (hot pink).


Fire (sparkling red), Sparks (deep purple), Torridity (purple with rainbow hues).

I’m sorry but you cant deny how beautiful these are and do you know what makes it even better… It retails for only £10 and the Nyx Glitter glue I use retails for £8.

There are two other palettes similar to these I believe and I definitely want to purchase them and try them out, its handy to have palettes like these in your makeup collection!

If you guys have tried these palettes out let me know what your thoughts are!

Thanks so much for reading my lovelies and ill speak to you all very soon ♥

3 thoughts on “Revolution Pressed Glitter Palette – Hot Pursuit.

  1. Hi Amy, I am reaching you here in the comments since I couldn’t find your contact information anywhere on your blog. If you are open to collaborations I’d love to hear from you. It would be awesome if you could get in touch with me directly at and I can give you some details of what I have in mind. Thanks! 🙂


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