My Updated Skin Care Routine.

Hi angels,

I have done this blog before but quite a while ago and as it goes, my skin care routine has changed a little bit with a few different products thrown in.

Some of these products have been featured in my blogs already at some point but I wanted to share with you what I do and what I use in the morning and in the evening, its nothing too fancy but I find these gems work for me so I wanted to share then with you all.

So when I wake up in the morning I’ll splash my face with warm water and then go ahead with my GlamGlow Tropical Cleanse Daily Exfoliator, I do have a full blog on this if you guys would like to check it out here … Using this in the morning just makes my skin feel super fresh and clean and ready to apply my makeup – before that though I do moisturise my face with the Lancôme Hydra Zen Anti Stress Moisturising Cream. I find this cream really hydrates my skin and since using these products my face feels so soft and I do find that my makeup applies better as I have a smooth canvas to work with.


That is pretty much all I do in the mornings and then I apply my makeup – if I’m not going out that day then I tend to just finish after this step to give my skin time to breathe.

If I have been wearing makeup all day or just for my night time routine I first go ahead and use the Johnson Make-up Be Gone Cleansing wipes. You get 25 wipes in the pack and the scent is spring flowers which a really nice and soothing smell. These are recommended for normal skin. They do normally retail for £3.19 but at the moment they are on special for £1.59 in Boots which a great save.

My next step after this is to use the Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water. I like to ensure that most, if not all of my makeup is off before I wash my face again. I swear by this stuff! I use 1-2 pads making sure I go down my neck aswell, I purchased the 400ml which says that equals to 200 uses. This product normally retails for £6.99 but is on special at the moment in Boots for £4.66. This is great for waterproof makeup aswell and it really does work.


After this I will go and wash my face with warm water and then use my GlamGlow Daily Exfoliator again so get off the residue from the other 2 products (not that they make you feel sticky or anything) I just like the feeling of a clean, fresh face.

Then, I use a large cotton pad which I get mine normally from Primark as the large pads are only 99p so I grab a few – I use my Lancôme Tonique Confort, which is a rehydrating comforting toner with acacia honey. I love how this product makes my skin feel, it has a very subtle scent which again I find very soothing.

Some of the benefits of this product are:

  • Removes traces of makeup and impurities.
  • Soothes and softens skin.
  • Clears complexion.
  • Great for dry skin.
  • Can use morning or evening.


I purchased the 400ml which retails at £38 but is on special in Boots for £30.40 which I think is pretty amazing,

My final step! I use the Lancôme Hydra Zen Nuit Anti-Stress Night Cream. I got the creams and a few other things in a set so if you would be interested to see what you get in that set I’d love to share with you all. This smells the same as the day cream, its a thick cream but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, its melts into your skin which makes you skin feel insanely soft and refreshed and relaxed for bed!

And that my angels is my updated skin care routine, nothing special but it works for me and my skin =)

Have you guys ever used these products, if so, let me know your thoughts and id love to know what you skincare routine is, so if you fancy sharing then lets have a chat down below =)

My Instagram aswell if you wanted to go follow me on there is everythingbeauty992 =)

Thanks so much for reading guys and ill speak to you all very soon ♥

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