Mark Hill: Pick N Mix Wand.

Hey angels,

I like to switch up my hairstyles just as much as I do with my makeup and clothes – you’ve just gotta jazz things up now and then right?. With the Mark Hill Pick N Mix Wand it allows you to do just that!

I thought it was going to be more expensive than it actually was, so I was pleasantly surprised. The Mark Hill Pick N Mix Wand is amazing, it allows you to switch up your looks whenever you like and the different wands you can purchase separately are amazing as there is so many.


I purchased mine from Boots, the Pick N Mix Wand retails for £11.99 (was £14.99) and I purchased the cork screw curl barrel which also retails for £11.99 (was £14.99). As you can see its super affordable and the versatility of the product makes it even more worth while.

So the wand itself has a twist lock system so once you attach the desired barrel you can lock it into place so it doesn’t come loose, it also has a swivel cord which is fab so it makes it easy when your curling different parts of your hair, it moves with you and it also comes with a heat protection glove … although I wouldn’t really call it a glove , when I first got mine I pulled it out of the box and just stared at it with confusion like what the hell am I supposed to do with this haha! I curl my hair without this on though.

Facetune 8

The cork screw barrel is a 13mm so it gives you those super tight curls which look amazing when you pull the curls apart as it makes them super fluffy! On the barrel itself it has a cool tip at the top so it doesn’t burn you. It heats up super quick so you don’t need to wait for long, I like to take small sections of my hair as I have thin hair and literally hold it for 5-6 seconds and let go and it gives you the perfect curl.

The barrels you can get for this are:

  • Mermaid Waver.
  • Easy Curl Barrel.
  • Glam Waver Barrel.
  • Extra Long Barrel.
  • Small Curl Barrel.
  • Medium Barrel.
  • Ellipse Waver Barrel.
  • Wicked Waver Barrel.

So as you can see there is something for everyone – I do want to go ahead and purchase all of them but I don’t think I will do it all in one go, that would be a bit excessive ha! I will however purchase maybe a couple at a time but I definitely want to get the whole set.


If you guys have any of these barrels, which ones do you have and which ones are your favourite – Leave me a comment down below and we can have a chat about it =)

Thanks so much for reading guys and ill speak to you all very soon ♥





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